Scandinavian Apartment with Greek Accents

1-White-living-room-600x399 The Scandinavian home style has made its way to everyone’s heart lately thanks to its defined and yet wild manner. Two typical features of this style- white walls and simple forward-thinking furniture are to be found in this very design too. But that’s not all. A curve ball introduces subtle accents of Greek home designing. This thoughtful mixture establishes an alluring composition with a grain of freshness. Starting in the living, the stark Scandi walls induce a minimalistic backdrop for a full host of natural Greek materials, sprinkled all over the lounging zone. Dainty foot stads complimenting scatter cushions and floor cushions, together with a large rug unite to construct a gracious semblance. The kitchen design spreads on the blue and white palette. A lenghty backsplash has been formed from a checkerboard of tiles. The furniture itself has a traditional touch. White wooden, with shell cup handles establish a bold, contrasting dresser and a white painted dining set. The furniture elements award the ambient with a grain of hospitality, typical to French farmhouses. As if it didn’t look hearty enough, warm shaded terracotta floor tiles have been added to compete with the white washed floorboards. The rustic stove offers an unique cooking experience. The ceramic wood burning stove of an antique Scandinavian design sweeten the mise en scene. The splendid statement in a blue and white palette could look equally fit in a Greek interior. Groovy black and white decor comes to conquer the hallway, together with the custom wallpaper. More checkerboard tiling covers the floor area beneath a coat rack and shoe stand. Bizarre but well-chosen features, we think. Care to comment this design? 3-Grrek-style-woodburning-stove-600x902 4-Classic-white-kitchen-diner-600x399 8-Picture-frame-wallpaper-600x902 10-White-stairwell-600x399 11-Tartan-rug-600x441 12-White-bedroom-600x399

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