5 Feng Shui Rules For Your House

Perhaps we all know what feng shui is. I think an introduction isn’t necessary in this world that gained enough momentum and is so well known.The 10 golden rules I’ll talk about would give you not just luck and slience, but also a nice aspect of the room.

1. The front door and hallway are the entrance of the energy, be it positive or negative, in the house and that’s why this area should not be loaded with unnecessary things. Place in the hallway a beautiful painting, a green plant, a motif to represent an image of nature;
2. Make orders through things and get rid of any old thing that you do not use anymore. It is recommended to avoid congestion in the room with old things;
3. Pay attention to color selection. Every room in the house should be present in different forms, colors or elements that represent the five elements essential to life: wood, fire, earth, metal and water;
4. Find inspiration in nature for decorating the house with plants;
5. Make sure the space is well lit so that there are no dark areas in your home.

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