Architects that bring nature to your house

Wondering which design is the greatest for your new home? Pure nature! No, I am not wrong! The nature is the best home ‘accessory’.

Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most influential architects of the first half of the 20th century. Lloyd Wright died 50 years ago, but his designs are still alive. ‘Fallingwater’ is just one of his amazing houses.

26SW-falling-water-path3-L Fallingwater_miniature_model_at_MRRV,_Carnegie_Science_Center jlm-pennsylvania-fallingwater-frank-lloyd-wright-1932-1600

The team at Swat Miers Architects transformed a vision into reality, designing the three tea houses as perfect observation spots.

Tea-Houses-designrulz-1 Tea-Houses-designrulz-2 Tea-Houses-designrulz-3 Tea-Houses-designrulz-7 Tea-Houses-designrulz-13green-nature-houses-_5429-1houses-nature-925255-1200x900Nature-Wooden-Living-Room-Interior-Design-of-the-House-Jungleorchid-house-an-eco-house-in-a-cotswold-nature-reserve-willtake-800x534

We can notice that the principal idea of this houses is the big windows, and the raw material used for almost every object in house.

Besides these two major innovations of the architects, there are many houses that bring nature inside them.



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