Best 9 Apartments Interior Design Ideas

1.Glamorous Two-Level Apartment in Miami

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Placed in Miami , Florida , USA , this extravagant two-level apartment , conceptualized by Mila Design , embodies a captivating mixture of textures and materials . The functional zones-kitchen,dinning and living-are brilliantly divided by exploiting unique decorating features and bold textures . The spacious plan living and dinning space , together with a welcoming lounge area in the centre settle the pitch for a chic and extremely handsome crib .

On top of the lounge area you will remark an interesting concrete-textured ceiling boosting the pale gray colour of the carpet below . The colour register is engaged in pale shades , with the gray,beige and brown hues tone up the elegant touch of the apartment.Wooden accents were introduced in order to enrich the facet of the living and the dinning space . High beams and sweeping use of glass areas offer the flat an impression of wideness and it creates an airy atmoshepere.Also,the lengthy curtains give the interior a touch of verticality,empowering the vast ambience . What ambiental items got your attention?

2.Compact Apartment in Stockholm

Best-Cozy-apartment-home-design-HomeMajestic Cozy-apartment-home-design-1 Cozy-apartment-home-design-2 Cozy-apartment-home-design-3 Cozy-apartment-home-design-6 Cozy-apartment-home-design-7 Cozy-apartment-home-design-10 Cozy-apartment-home-design-11

Being an archetip in numerous fields,Sweden has also made its way up being on top  concerning interior design.The DYI movement has also been taken to a whole new level worldwide,thanks to the Swedish. Proving their talent once again, the Swedish designers have succeeded in transforming a tight apartment into a delightful and warm home. The residence you see is a “living proof” of the fact that tastefulness can turn the disadvantage of a small space into a graceful establishment, a veritable oasis for its inhabitants.

To give the interior a touch of spaciousness and wideness, large windows have been used in order to allow the light to penetrate each corner of the apartment. Natural light enters through generous paned windows, making the four wooden chairs and the round-edged table irradiate the sunbeam. Regardless of the dilemma of having only one main room, the design has successfully adapted to the limited space and divided the room by incorporating the bedroom,dining and entertainment area into one unitary score. The impression of wholeness is also given by the all white painting job, which blends all the elements of the design altogether. The wooden floor and the stucco ceiling add to the ambience a touch of uniqueness, conferring to the general appearance a feel of cozyness. Lots of inspired ideas, like bringing the sleeping quarters next to the kitchen,storage unit under the bed and walk-in-closed with wardrobe fittings up to the ceiling exploit efficaciously every centimeter of the apartment. How would you manage to take advantage of your own space?

3.New York Penthouse Brought by Rupert Murdoch

Top-Units-Of-New-York-Condo-To-Be-Bought-By-Rupert-Murdoch-1 Top-Units-Of-New-York-Condo-To-Be-Bought-By-Rupert-Murdoch-2 Top-Units-Of-New-York-Condo-To-Be-Bought-By-Rupert-Murdoch-3 Top-Units-Of-New-York-Condo-To-Be-Bought-By-Rupert-Murdoch-4 Top-Units-Of-New-York-Condo-To-Be-Bought-By-Rupert-Murdoch-6

The One Madison Tower features a total of 600 floors and it is located on the southeastern angle of Madison Park.
The top floors of the condominium building in Manhattan feature a total area of 10,106 square feet that incorporates a glamorous triplex penthouse of 6,850 feet as well
as a three-bedroom loft.Regardless of the fact that they are not connected yet, the prorpietor could decide to transform it in a quadruplex apartment. At the present
moment, the establishment numbers a generous terrace, five and a half restrooms, a spledid circular staircase as the core of the entire place, a double-height living room
and last but not least, spectacular views of the most important points of attraction from New York, such as Hudson River or Empire State Building.
To empower the general effect of opulence, no exterior walls whatsover have been introduced in the exteral appearance. The massive use of glass adds a touch of contemporary,
making the condo an ideal example of what a modern home means.
The nature-like colours and the insertion of wood grant the ambience the needed amount of warmth,just to make the atmosphere even more gracious and hospitable. The
staircase focused in the median axis of the living comes to acquire the mise en scene a nimble effect. The mostly round edges of the features disposed through the
suite dulcify the plenary semblance, giving it an artless grain. Tell us,would this divine suite be your choice of New York residence?

4.Industrial Style Apartment with Meeting Room

Best-Modern-living-room-600x399 2-Beige-L-shaped-sofa-600x399 3-Contemporary-meeting-room-600x399 13-White-office-600x900 15-Black-bedroom-ceiling-600x900
Once part of a tenement house built in 1912, this apartment, rearranged by Polish architect Maciej Kurkowski has lived numerous modernizations,process that led
to a much plainer structure. In 2013, the upper floor of the building is adopted in order to create an apartment and a conference room. The designers found adequate
preserving the raw aspect of the original interiors, so they depicted a plan that kept the initial semblance.
The revamp adopt a minimalistic layout, grasping the primary facet of the scope. Simplistic lighting and black ceilings for eye-catching effect, combined with the
light-gray walls produce an aura of avant-garde. To enrich the ambience with a bit of tenderness, birch plywood panels are brought in, assembled in triangular shapes.
The monochromatic outline was established to ensure a mild picture that eventually harnessed the colourfullness of several abstract works of art.
The wide slot has an uncontestable equilibrium. Hence, a corner is for a private closed-off office, the antithetical corner hosts a more informal environment. Within
the work area, a large conference table is constituted from several smaller tables that, if needed, can be broken apart for individual tasks.
The separating walls were abolished in orded to create the two required spaces. Between the two rooms, the designers have conserved the same leit-motif for both of the
schemes, so that unity is provided .
I would truly enjoy having my home and my working place in the same handsome place. Tell us, isn’t this your ideal too?

5.Spacious City Dwelling 2-Island-extractor-600x380 4-Black-pendant-lights-600x399 6-White-stools-600x398 7-Black-lamps-600x901 8-Chrome-pendant-lights-600x398

The following apartment design is a contemporary gen established within the historical setting of Dnepropetrivsk’s center, where a glimpse of the
great river Dnepr come to button up all the details. This fresh home design was pictured for a young family by SVOYA Studio. Planed to be divided into
two separate areas of function, one is intended for the children’s bedroom and adult’s bedroom, altogether with a lovely dressing room and bathroom, and
the second frames an airy living area resided in a generous kitchen diner and a cozy lounge. A sleek entertainment wall comes to separate the living room
from the sleeping space. The large polar-looking kitchen and a double banked wall units grant abundant storage space, not only for the kitchenware.
Polished woodgrain panels provide a feel of warmth in the otherwise plain, white kitchen. Every dining area in the crib is encircled with a myriad of pendant
lights. The textures and finishes were given special attention, resulting a calculated blending of wood and stone, matt and shine, all to deliver an impecable
equilibrium of warmth and futurism. What else could you possibly add to this gracious home design? Your opinion matters so.

6.Swedish Attic Apartment 2-Black-kitchen-units-600x400 3-Black-kitchen-cabinets-600x400 4-Open-plan-kitchen-diner-600x400 6-White-wood-burning-stove-600x400 8-Open-plan-home-600x400

Located inwards a very desired neighbourhood in Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden, rests a beautiful attic apartment that measures approximately 64 square meteres of
handsome modern interior design. The host house attains a conspicuous part of Maria Mountain’s silhouette, property which has a historical importance and was built
in 1889, in accordance to Gustaf Hermansson’s blueprints. The notorious Swedish artist Eugčne Jansson, also dubbed ” The Blue Painter” has indwelled within this
residence. The renovation made by the book ensues is a culminating design. The sloped ceiling space results a splendid loft, filled with premium materials and executed
The attic case challanges the designer to prove his talents in a special situation. The kitchen scheme has been met with considerable assuredness. A short exhibit of
black units embower under the sharp-cornered forms, together with a large white storage unit merge with a adjacent wall, depicted to avoid over-cluttering the
close quarters. The generous dimensions of the dining area are conceived to carry numerous guests. A limestone splashback surface pigments the wall and fitted
cabinets hide away an incorporated fridge-freezer and dishwasher.
The sunlight confers to the general ambience a feel of energy, empowering the atmosphere with a refreshing temper. The expanded sofa embraces the whole brim.
As an island in the sea of wood floor,the rug comes to complement the corner destined to recreation, altogether with a lovely library, just to make the picture
even more hospitable. The neat aspect of the restroom is induced by the tile of Carrara marble, perfected by heated floors. Homy enough for you?

7.Small Apartment with Snug Storage

2-En-suite-shower-room-600x756 3-Wood-clad-ceiling-600x662 4-Wall-hung-toilet-600x689 7-Wood-clad-walls-600x727 8-Black-footstool-600x607 9-Wooden-staircase-600x607 11-Built-in-storage-ideas-600x446 12-Home-office-600x607

Established on the highly desired Frantsuzsky Boulevard in Odessa,Ukraine, this delightful apartment design was composed by Denis Svirid and has been lauched as a solution
to a crampy situation, and uses a hearty wood-clad for the walls, together with plenty snug storages. A second floor was conceived with the addition a new garret, to
to host the private area of individual rooms. A dressing room,bathroom and bedroom come altogether to occupy the added level scope beneath the slopes.
In spite of the modest dimensions of this contemporary home, the inhabitants of this splendid crib really have everything they could possibly need for a satisfying
style of living. The kitchen, dining room and living merge into the modest surface of around 11 square meters after the kitchen wall has been demolished. An under stair
slot has been masterly exploited as a handy office zone, together with a myriad of storage spots.
The condensed head height in the bedroom transforms into a nice design feature the form possibly seen as defect, as the extension of a comfy built-in platform bed establishes a discreet
sleeping anchorage. Your opinion regarding this design? Let us know in the comment section!

8.Pop Art Inspired Apartment

colorful-bathroom-15-600x798 living-room-color-2-600x600 pink-foyer-17-600x600 pop-of-color-office-16-600x600 wall-pop-art-10-600x600

CG artist Dimitry Schuka is establishing a brave interior picture, by blending in pop art elements. Schuka has managed to transform a standard
living space into a glamorous dwelling. The bright colours of the furniture features, the vivid shade of the wall
paint, together with the chic pop-art pieces concur to create an unequalled ambience. All these elements manage to
launch a bold outcome, producing a truly surprising home design, being a perfect impersonation of the freshest trends
in interior architecture.
The living area has strong dark-coloured floors that complement constrastingly the simpleness of the white walls,
embelished by the dark blue accent walls. Ceiling windows warm up the whole appearance so the dark wall doesn’t look
too intimidating. The plenary mise en scene is airy, given that the diner and kitchen are to the rear of the living room.
The colourful furniture explodes in tones of turquoise and hot pink. The British spirit conquers the couch, producing
the ideal place for conversation. Another colour bomb are the built-in shelves that complement the semblace with a
shade of lime green that concurs with the hot pink chandelier just to make the temper even more lunatic.
The pop-art layout is omnipresent- the bedroom, bathroom, office space and foyer are all daunted by the same tone of
modernity.The colour splash offerred by the furniture rests itself all over the dweeling. And yet, the foyer is by far
the brightest. The hot pink walls and a sisez pop-art painting huge as a wall compel the scene. As if it was not enough,
the strong tones command the bathroom too- lime green tiles fill the lavoire. Many rooms contain dark hardwood, but
the scopes are brighter,being coloured in bold shades.
If you have the soul of a rebel and you feel like trying something new within your home, this design is definitely
suitable for you. Tell us, would you dare adopting it?
If you

9.Scandinavian Apartment with Greek Accents

1-Best-Homemajestic-White-living-room-600x399 3-Grrek-style-woodburning-stove-600x902 4-Classic-white-kitchen-diner-600x399 8-Picture-frame-wallpaper-600x902 10-White-stairwell-600x399 11-Tartan-rug-600x441

The Scandinavian home style has made its way to everyone’s heart lately thanks to its defined and yet wild manner.
Two typical features of this style- white walls and simple forward-thinking furniture are to be found in this very
design too. But that’s not all. A curve ball introduces subtle accents of Greek home designing. This thoughtful mixture
establishes an alluring composition with a grain of freshness.
Starting in the living, the stark Scandi walls induce a minimalistic backdrop for a full host of natural Greek materials,
sprinkled all over the lounging zone. Dainty foot stads complimenting scatter cushions and floor cushions, together with
a large rug unite to construct a gracious semblance.
The kitchen design spreads on the blue and white palette. A lenghty backsplash has been formed from a checkerboard of tiles.
The furniture itself has a traditional touch. White wooden, with shell cup handles establish a bold, contrasting dresser
and a white painted dining set. The furniture elements award the ambient with a grain of hospitality, typical to French
farmhouses. As if it didn’t look hearty enough, warm shaded terracotta floor tiles have been added to compete with the white
washed floorboards. The rustic stove offers an unique cooking experience. The ceramic wood burning stove of an antique
Scandinavian design sweeten the mise en scene. The splendid statement in a blue and white palette could look equally fit in
a Greek interior.
Groovy black and white decor comes to conquer the hallway, together with the custom wallpaper. More checkerboard tiling
covers the floor area beneath a coat rack and shoe stand.
Bizarre but well-chosen features, we think. Care to comment this design?

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