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For those of you creating a new home yourself, check out these amazing schemes and outlines that multiple houses were built upon. Whoever said you can only be creative with the inside or the yards of your homes, prove them wrong by creating a beautiful architectural design to WOW your friends and family! The possibilities are endless with Homemajestic, just pick the one that appeals to you the most and use it as a blueprint into creating your home!

House Four by ADE Architecture

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Description by ADE Architecture

House Four is a large double fronted house on Trinity Road, Wandsworth.

The house has been extensively refurbished from first floor level down and includes a new full footprint lower ground floor level.

The new lower ground floor accommodates a bar, gym, cinema room, bedroom with en-suite and a services and utility room. The first floor consists of a master suite, incorporating an open plan master bedroom and bathroom, walk-in wardrobe and a dressing room.

The main features include a large projecting bay window to the first floor master suite, a double height internal courtyard and a concrete and timber feature stair, from ground floor to lower ground level.

Photography courtesy of ADE Architecture

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Ruffey Lake House by Inbetween Architecture

003-ruffey-lake-house-inbetween-architecture-1050x700 004-ruffey-lake-house-inbetween-architecture-1050x700 005-ruffey-lake-house-inbetween-architecture-1050x700 006-ruffey-lake-house-inbetween-architecture-1050x1576 007-ruffey-lake-house-inbetween-architecture-1050x700 010-ruffey-lake-house-inbetween-architecture-1050x700 011-ruffey-lake-house-inbetween-architecture-1050x700 002-ruffey-lake-house-inbetween-architecture-1050x700

Description by Inbetween Architecture

To make the most of its privileged position, overlooking Ruffey Lake Park, this 1970s double brick home is undergoing a complete transformation.

To take better advantage of its stunning outlook and north-facing frontage, the previously dark and compartmentalised interior is being opened up to embrace natural light, stunning views and a greater connection between kitchen, dining and living spaces, the heart of the modern home. Quieter, more private spaces, such as the music room and TV den with sunken pit will nestle snugly into the sheltered, more segmented west side of the existing floor plate.

Clever reworking of existing stepped floor levels and the strategic placement of skylights bring the airy beauty of natural light through the house and down to the ground floor, and when combined with dramatically raked eaves to the north, the result is unique focal points which will inject variation and personality into a formerly more internalised interior. A central timber stair will be lined to one side with custom-shelving to display the occupants’ collections, and to other will be open to the double height void – now bathed in sky-lit softness.

The new first floor will comprise generous bedroom suites, a common bathroom and a large terrace that can be conveniently accessed from both the common landing and master suite to take in the north sun and the beautiful views of the park beyond.

Photography by Tatjana Plitt

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Miller’s House by asdfg Architekten

001-millers-house-asdfg-architekten-1050x701 002-millers-house-asdfg-architekten-1050x701 003-millers-house-asdfg-architekten-1050x701 004-millers-house-asdfg-architekten-1050x701 008-millers-house-asdfg-architekten-1050x701 017-millers-house-asdfg-architekten-1050x1573 006-millers-house-asdfg-architekten-1050x1573 012-millers-house-asdfg-architekten-1050x701

Description by asdfg Architekten

The history and special situation of the building was a big challenge, but we also saw a high potential in it to become a very unique single family house with a garden in the center of one of the most popular neighbourhoods of Berlin.

As it is the oldest building of Prenzlauer Berg, the authorities requested us to reconstruct the facade of the heritage-protected building precisely as depicted on an historical drawing from the year 1844. We wanted to show the history of the old building without pretending that the facade would be 170 years old.
Our concept was to interpret the lines in the historical drawing as differences in the height of a stucco facade using ancient techniques and materials.
In an architectural drawing a line could be interpreted in different ways; as a gap in the wall, a section line or a difference in height. It took quite some time and many visualisations and physical models to convince the authorities of our solution.

As a result of the previous uses as a police station and a workshop, followed by many years of vacancy, the house was in bad condition and had many small rooms. In order to create a generous space we only kept the outer walls and one massive wall in the middle. The staircase, kitchen, as well as some sleeping galleries are somehow ‘plugged’ into this wall. On the first floor it is possible to separate the parents’ sleeping room from the gallery with a very big sliding door. The staircase is divided in two parts, the first 5 steps lead to a small podium, which makes you experience the full height of the building. On the parterre it is possible to walk around the facade along the inner walls. For the staircase and the kitchen interior we reused the wood of the 170 year old beams. The old brick walls are uncovered and visible from inside.

The planning process was carried out in close exchange with the client, which resulted in a lot of very personal and special designed elements. For instance, even the washbasins and the bathtub are designed and custom made for this project.

Photography by Michael Pfisterer

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