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Not only can you show your style inside your home, but you can “flaunt your flavor” outside your home too! Homemajestic will show you interesting ideas from creating a garden with just about anything you have/want to creating an interesting little house in the woods. The possibilities are endless. It doesn’t even have to be simply ideas you find on this website! Take inspiration from the interesting designs and be creative with your own little zing!

Christmas Decoration

December is hereee.. and Christmas is also almost here = THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR.

But, what do we love the most about this month? Decorations, of course! I am here again, to help, to advise you about how to decorate your house for Christmas just how I did about Fall Decoration, I will do separate posts for every room of the house.

In this post I will show you how to decorate the exterior of the house.

Christmas lights are a priority when it comes to decorate your house, so be free and start putting lots and lots of lightings around your windows, your door, and why not roof.


For the front door I would like to put a wreath made from pine cones like this one:


Beside the lights you can also place some tree garlands,  exactly how you decorate the Christmas tree;


If you have a tree in front of your house you should also decorate it;

Amazing-house-decoration-ideas Byron-house-snow-comp.jpg






Interior Courtyard

4-Interior-Courtyard glass-enclosed-patio-600x400 Interior-courtyard-bathroom interior-garden-600x400 mid-century-house-with-contemporary-design-and-stunning-internal-courtyard-2 shiny-stone-floors-600x400 wood-paneled-ceiling-600x400

A garden in the house? Sounds a little bit strange, I know, but for me this is again an original idea which inspires and makes me to want increasingly more to live in a house, not in an apartment.

What could be better than sitting in the living room, on a winter evening, relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate and surround a small garden with plants? I do not find it difficult to maintain, as long as it isn’t large and occupies only a small part of your space.

I said this too in previous articles and I think it is something worth to remind when decorating our space: feng shui encourage the use of many herbs and natural elements to decorate the house , so a kindergarten inside the living room does not sound bad at all , right?



 3d-clock-design-600x420 bird-wall-clock-600x582 black-graphic-clock-600x565 black-on-black-clock-600x600 butterfly-clock-600x600 clock-with-words-600x600 cool-wall-clock-600x600 dragon-clock-600x660 floral-clock-design-600x565 minimal-graphic-clock-600x1026 moon-clock-600x600

The watches are also included in the category of decorations for the home, although very little attention it’s given to this issue , they are indispensable .

Well, I thought about this issue because, honestly, I ‘m a little bit bored with the classical watches that are hung on a nail on the wall in the hallway or kitchen .I took five minutes of my time searching for a  few original, as artistic as possible watches that also look better.I encourage you to pay more attention to basic decorations which occupies a small place in your house/apartment.


Bookshelf Ideas

From brilliant bookshelves built into stairs to floor-to-ceiling libraries, these bookshelf ideas for living rooms, the study and beyond are just as inspiring as the tomes that fill them. Fancy creating a clever book nook of your own? 

As a person who reads a lot, I recommend that ,if you read a lot too, to design your own bookshelf, to make it as big as you want.Maybe you want to recycle an old piece of furniture like an old storage for an vintage look.

For an industrial look you can use a lot of wood to make your bookshelf. Ralph-Lauren-Home-West-Village-Collection-house-05oct15-pr_b_426x639_1 Richard-Davies-1-House-10sep15-pr_b_639x426_1 cottage-13-house-20mar15_pr_b_426x639 Real-homes-6-Easy-Living-19Dec13-Paul-Massey_bt_426x639_1 2664920-house-17aug15_SimonBrown_b_639x426 2652047-house-11may15_SimonUpton_b_426x639 Ham-Yard-11-Tatler-15Jul14_b_639x426 Sharyn-Cairns2-house-3oct14_pr_b_639x426 Sarah-Hogan-2-house-23may14_pr_b_426x639 2338991-lincoln-selgan-house-27mar15_SimonBrown_b_426x639