We know how important is recycling these days, and how good it is this for our health and economic status. I personally recycle things by doing something new from it, I don’t usually recycle in the ‘traditional way’. So, I want to show you some great and simple home décor ideas made from recycled things.

1. Flower bulb
For this project you will need:
-1 bulb;
-Fake or natural flowers;





Take the interior of the bulb out, wrap some twine around the end of the bulb and fill it with water. Then, put your flowers in it and you will have an original flowerpot. As simple as this! Personally, I like it in my kitchen because it gives a natural appearance to it.


2. Container holder
You know those annoying meat or fish containers which we throw out immediately, because we cut our fingers in it or they just look unaesthetic? I think I have an idea about how to reuse it.

So, for this project you will need:
– 1 container;
– Watercolors, markers.

boite de conserve #9 j0341511

Take the paper which contains the name of the product off with hot water. Use the container clear and start painting it however you like. Then, you can use it as makeup brushes or school supplies storage.


I hope you like these two DIY projects for your kitchen and bedroom décor and I’ll see you soon with other ones.

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