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Creating a beautiful garden can be hard and getting ideas for your perfect garden can be mind boggling work! Allow Homemajestic to help you dream up and create the ideal garden for your house. Showing you everything from creative arrangements for flowers to cute little lawn ornaments; working on your garden will become more fun and less work. Use all the beautiful gardens showcased on Homemajestic to inspire the creative genius inside you to create your own masterpiece.

10 Creative DIY Garden Marker Crafts

When you have dedicated lots of time to making a beautiful garden, the good reviews are welcomed. But it can be tiresome to keep on describing what each plant is to your visiting friends. Perhaps you yourself have forgotten the whereabouts of some of your small green friends. That is the reason why you need to make a few DIY garden markers. Regardless of what you use in this project, from clothespins to rocks, the final result will definitely improve the way the garden looks; not to mention the way they are all organized. Wooden spools, Mason jar lids, wine corks, spoons and plenty other materials can be creatively fashioned into awesome garden markers.

1.Wine Cork Markers


2. Mason Jar Lid Plant Label


3. DIY River Rock Garden Markers


4. Wooden Spoon Markers


5. Terracotta Pot Markers

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A boring deck or a cool outdoor kitchen?

Imgur user RogerBennett55 was getting no use out of the patio in his backyard, so a change had to be made. He decided that eating and drinking were a few of his favorite pastimes and so that became the genesis for building an outdoor kitchen of his own. Brilliant.

After watching a few online tutorials and doing some research on how to design his own kitchen he began to build his dream. And only several weeks of work later he did just that.

Do it yourself


In his own words, this is exactly how he pulled it off…


Building out the U frame. Bar and footrest attached.


Starting the Durock installation 


Supports for grill and framing for doors.


And more Durock


Drop in ice chest cutout and door framed


Here’s to hoping the grill fits…fingers crossed. Durock nearly done…just need to cutout spot for the Big Green Egg grill in corner. 


Grill fits!! Nearly–a little adjustment here or there was needed, but nothing major!


Starting the Granite tile


Starting on tile molding


Bar top done…3 straight hours of cutting 12″ x 12″ tile to create the diamond pattern w/ borders…


Used angle grinder to cut the hole for the Green Egg…worked great…


The grill is in!!! Can cook again. Backsplash started.

Stuccoed and painted…


Ice Chest is in!



The Finished Product!


Big Family House

1279664040 contemporary-patio delightful-loft-bed-decorating-ideas-4-girls-double-bed-room-800-x-467 Double-Bed-Girl-Room-Classic-Style-with-White-Color Family Watching Television Green-Double-Loft-Beds-for-Girls-Bedroom-Design-Idea-By-Giessegi-800x533 Living-Room-18 Lovely-Interior-Bedroom-Design-For-Boy-And-Girl-With-Amusing-Flower-Pattern-Bed-Also-Cool-Bookshelf-Ideas-Image Swing

When you have a large family you need ,fore sure, more space, but not everyone seems to need a huge house , so many of us swich the big house to an economic version .


What is this version about?

1.In short , children’s rooms can be converted into a single room where 2 children can live , and will be shared equally , but decorated differently in each part .

2.The kitchen should not host the table where they eat, it can be placed in the livingroom , which is usually the largest room of a house ,where the family will gather at the end of the day .


If you know how to arrange, the house will not look at all crowded and it will be small and with a great taste .


!! Greater attention should focus on the courtyard , which will be also the playground , the relaxing corner and the partying place.


Feel Nature In Your House

Supporting the environment and natural beauty is one thing when you are laying on the beach watching the waves lap onto the shore or when you are high atop a mountain surveying the land below. In your house or apartment, nature can be a bit of a tricky beast. After all, while your dog might be more than welcome in your bed, any other critter from outside would be an infestation. So how can you make your home more nature-friendly while still protecting its sanctity and design? Try a vertical garden. These walls planted with greenery are not just beautiful with their vibrant leaves, but they also serve as natural air filters by ‘breathing in’ carbon dioxide and ‘breathing out’ pure, fresh oxygen.

Let’s take a look!

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