Industrial Inspired Apartment with Meeting Room


Once part of a tenement house built in 1912, this apartment, rearranged by Polish architect Maciej Kurkowski has lived numerous modernizations,process that led
to a much plainer structure. In 2013, the upper floor of the building is adopted in order to create an apartment and a conference room. The designers found adequate
preserving the raw aspect of the original interiors, so they depicted a plan that kept the initial semblance.
The revamp adopt a minimalistic layout, grasping the primary facet of the scope. Simplistic lighting and black ceilings for eye-catching effect, combined with the
light-gray walls produce an aura of avant-garde. To enrich the ambience with a bit of tenderness, birch plywood panels are brought in, assembled in triangular shapes.
The monochromatic outline was established to ensure a mild picture that eventually harnessed the colourfullness of several abstract works of art.
The wide slot has an uncontestable equilibrium. Hence, a corner is for a private closed-off office, the antithetical corner hosts a more informal environment. Within
the work area, a large conference table is constituted from several smaller tables that, if needed, can be broken apart for individual tasks.
The separating walls were abolished in orded to create the two required spaces. Between the two rooms, the designers have conserved the same leit-motif for both of the
schemes, so that unity is provided .
I would truly enjoy having my home and my working place in the same handsome place. Tell us, isn’t this your ideal too?2-Beige-L-shaped-sofa-600x399 3-Contemporary-meeting-room-600x399 13-White-office-600x900 15-Black-bedroom-ceiling-600x900

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