Modern Home Appearance With a Futuristic Feel

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This is a modern two story home that is located in Fitzroy Park in London, United Kingdom. It was designed by Stanton Williams. This home sits in a beautiful garden surrounded by trees, ferns and grass throughout the lawn. It has a sound barrier wall which stretches across the outskirts of the property. These walls provide privacy for the residents which block the view going to the home of the glass walls. This allows the residents of the home to keep their blinds open to let sunshine in throughout the day without sacrificing their privacy.

The first thing you will notice when you walk into the home is the planet-styled lighting. There are several lights that hang from the ceiling which are encased inside cylindrical shells. This disperses the light and gives it a futuristic feel. Another interesting feature in this home is the hanging fireplace. The fireplace hangs from the chimney going down from the ceiling. It is unique in that it does not touch the floor.

The second story has a balcony walkway which allows the elevated ceiling to rise above the living room on the first floor. The walkway leads to a lounge area and the three bedrooms throughout the house.

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