Modern Industrial Home With Purple Accented Features

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Purple is the theme in this home and its exterior is made completely of glass from top to bottom. Designed and built in Dielsdorf, Switzerland in 2014; its modern design combines the industrial look that the concrete floors and ceiling provides with the homely vibe that the purple colored furniture brings in. It is this unique aspect that gives this home a very unique feel that blends and clashes together quite well. The exterior ground is lined with stone which polishes off the sleek look that the designer is aiming for.

The glass walls throughout the home allow plenty of sun light to shine through. This is highlighted by the study/lounge area which is protruding from the second floor. This room is completely enclosed in glass which lets all of the light in from every direction. It is great for those days that you wish to enjoy the outdoors but the weather is not permitting.

All in all, this is a super modern home that brings two elements that you would expect to clash against one another. The designer was able to make these two clashing aspects work together and complement one another very well.


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