On The Balcony

The first thing you observe at a home is the outdoor area, so that’s why it is very important to decorate it with style. As far as I am concerned, the outdoor area should be GREEN. Why green? I mean, full of plants, flowers arranged as arty as possible. I always declared my love for the nature, and how much I love staying outside, watching the sky, the stars. I would also love to have breakfast there. For those who doesn’t live at the countryside, or they don’t have  a house it is a little bit frustrating to have such a little balcony in an apartment, but I tell you for sure that you can make it look great also. 09.05.2015 09.05.2015 4 09.05.2015 5 balcon9 f35fd7b4ee35c9c5855634cb7d91c004 f5914b4423b7a8e41f4bc90b580833d0 Green-Environment-and-Wooden-Floor-Apartment-Design-Balcony-800x513

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