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A New Concept – UFO Floating House

ufo-5With the sea level rising as a result of global warming, the low-lying, peolple found an alteternative for the conventional houses on the ground. The floating house is not a new concept, but some architects took it at a new level – The UFO Floating House. While you can always head for the hills to wait out the apocalypse, a more stylish option could be a fully sustainable floating home from Italian mini yacht-maker Jet Capsule. The company has drawn up a concept for a saucer-shaped UFO, or Unidentified Floating Object, which offers a completely off-grid existence floating on the ocean.ufo-6

The  company’s co-founders, Pierpaolo Lazzarini and Luca Solla, the UFO is intended for “living in a floating house and moving slowly around the world.” “Slowly” in this case means a leisurely maximum speed of 3.5 knots (6.5 km/h, 4 mph), using a waterjet-propelled Torqeedo Deep Blue 1800 electric motor.ufo-10

This motor is connected to a battery that draws energy generated from 40 sq. m (430 sq. ft.) of solar panels in a closable lid atop the structure. So, it id also Eco-Friendly.ufo-1

If you want to move the house think twice before you chose a conventional house. If you love traveling and you are not seasick a floating house can be the best idea for you!ufo-2BeFunky Collage

Christmas Decoration

December is hereee.. and Christmas is also almost here = THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR.

But, what do we love the most about this month? Decorations, of course! I am here again, to help, to advise you about how to decorate your house for Christmas just how I did about Fall Decoration, I will do separate posts for every room of the house.

In this post I will show you how to decorate the exterior of the house.

Christmas lights are a priority when it comes to decorate your house, so be free and start putting lots and lots of lightings around your windows, your door, and why not roof.


For the front door I would like to put a wreath made from pine cones like this one:


Beside the lights you can also place some tree garlands,  exactly how you decorate the Christmas tree;


If you have a tree in front of your house you should also decorate it;

Amazing-house-decoration-ideas Byron-house-snow-comp.jpg






How To Create Your Dream Veranda

We don’t see everyday houses with balconies big enough to allow more than a chair, and maybe that’s why are less design ideas for balconies or verandas.

Here are some ideas of how you can decorate your balcony/veranda.

1.Take attention to the floor

2. Climb plants on the walls;

3.Make yourself a cozy place by bringing your inside chairs, pillows and blankets outside;

4.Create contrast to make it look bigger than it is;

I will show you some photos to see how these ideas would look.

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The Fuji Kindergarten

6d9fee8a483108ab2f4e2d9bd8434cb8d315791c6d7357d21af2003f25af416a Tetzuka-Architects-Tree-Wrapped-Classroom-Japan-2 Tetzuka-Architects-Tree-Wrapped-Classroom-Japan-3 3g fuji_kindergarten_ring_around_a_tree_t290911_k4 ring-around-tree-tezuka-architects-6

Speaking about the nature in the previous article and how to live surrounded by it, I came back with another post related to nature and about living in its vicinity .This builiding I am gonna show you is made by some talented architects.

We all know how important the forest is for our health , because it gives us oxygen. And what we want most for our children ? Health ! The Tezuka architects have built a kindergarden surrounded by woods, nature in Fuji . Thus, children can be close to the nature , play without being put in danger in any way. The building was constructed so as to provide the necessary safety and be open to nature .

Does the nature defeat against nature?

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To live , to be one with the nature is not the first thing that people want. The century of technology , the emergence of super modern houses and luxury has made ​​people no longer wanting to live in nature .

As we know, the urban space is much more developed and popularized than the rural one. But to don’t you miss from time to time to take a breath of fresh and healthy air? Okay, that’s why I’m here today , namely , to explain how you can have all these things ( a modern house , health , nature ) combined.

For that, there are many talented architects who combined nature with luxury, and why not technology . Let me show you some of the original ideas of architects such as Lema Martin Fernandez , Nicolas Moreno Deutsch, Peter and Lucy Gauntlett Eisinga , Jeremy Levine .