Pop Art Apartment


CG artist Dimitry Schuka is establishing a brave interior picture, by blending in pop art elements. Schuka has managed to transform a standard
living space into a glamorous dwelling. The bright colours of the furniture features, the vivid shade of the wall
paint, together with the chic pop-art pieces concur to create an unequalled ambience. All these elements manage to
launch a bold outcome, producing a truly surprising home design, being a perfect impersonation of the freshest trends
in interior architecture.
The living area has strong dark-coloured floors that complement constrastingly the simpleness of the white walls,
embelished by the dark blue accent walls. Ceiling windows warm up the whole appearance so the dark wall doesn’t look
too intimidating. The plenary mise en scene is airy, given that the diner and kitchen are to the rear of the living room.
The colourful furniture explodes in tones of turquoise and hot pink. The British spirit conquers the couch, producing
the ideal place for conversation. Another colour bomb are the built-in shelves that complement the semblace with a
shade of lime green that concurs with the hot pink chandelier just to make the temper even more lunatic.
The pop-art layout is omnipresent- the bedroom, bathroom, office space and foyer are all daunted by the same tone of
modernity.The colour splash offerred by the furniture rests itself all over the dweeling. And yet, the foyer is by far
the brightest. The hot pink walls and a sisez pop-art painting huge as a wall compel the scene. As if it was not enough,
the strong tones command the bathroom too- lime green tiles fill the lavoire. Many rooms contain dark hardwood, but
the scopes are brighter,being coloured in bold shades.
If you have the soul of a rebel and you feel like trying something new within your home, this design is definitely
suitable for you. Tell us, would you dare adopting it?
color-coordinated-book-shelf-11-600x600 colorful-bathroom-15-600x798living-room-dark-accent-wall-3-600x425 open-dining-room-4-600x495 pink-foyer-17-600x600 pop-art-style-interior-600x448 pop-of-color-office-16-600x600 wall-pop-art-10-600x600

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