Portable Home ÁPH80 by ÁBATON


Designed by Spanish architects from ÁBATON, this portable establishment is for those with wanderlust. Contrasting with its owner’s restlessness,this austere crib is a veritable chameleon. From the outside it seems to be frugal and rigid, but its interior bring to light a more than warm appearance. Generous woodensurfaces and large opening concur to make the chippy crib a gracious one,transforming it greatly. Feasible and transportable, manages to incorporate any environment.
Being an upgraded version of a landyacht,ÁPH80 is part of a series that addresses those who seek for comfort anywhere. Easily commutative by road and ready to beplaced wherever, this mobile dwelling is ideal for a couple that enjoys travelling.
Elementary and yet sturdy, this innovative composition gracefully provides confort and balance to its inhabitants.ÁPH80 personifies the ethics and essences of ÁBATON: wellbeing, environmental balance, and simplicity.’ Freshest ideas embodied in this splendid design would lure any wandering soul. Don’t know about yourself,but this lovely home has definitely made its way to my wishlist.

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