Ruffey Lake House by Inbetween Architecture

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Description by Inbetween Architecture

To make the most of its privileged position, overlooking Ruffey Lake Park, this 1970s double brick home is undergoing a complete transformation.

To take better advantage of its stunning outlook and north-facing frontage, the previously dark and compartmentalised interior is being opened up to embrace natural light, stunning views and a greater connection between kitchen, dining and living spaces, the heart of the modern home. Quieter, more private spaces, such as the music room and TV den with sunken pit will nestle snugly into the sheltered, more segmented west side of the existing floor plate.

Clever reworking of existing stepped floor levels and the strategic placement of skylights bring the airy beauty of natural light through the house and down to the ground floor, and when combined with dramatically raked eaves to the north, the result is unique focal points which will inject variation and personality into a formerly more internalised interior. A central timber stair will be lined to one side with custom-shelving to display the occupants’ collections, and to other will be open to the double height void – now bathed in sky-lit softness.

The new first floor will comprise generous bedroom suites, a common bathroom and a large terrace that can be conveniently accessed from both the common landing and master suite to take in the north sun and the beautiful views of the park beyond.

Photography by Tatjana Plitt

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