Small Spaces Inspiration

Sometimes, pictures say more than words. So, that’s why this post it is only about picture, about finding your inspiration just like I do, by looking at some ideas in picture.

This post is about small places, about how to make it to appear bigger.1983328-house-18jun14_Paul-Massey_b_426x639 1983329-ett-hem-house-27aug14_Paul-Massey_b_426x639 2640660-house-12mar15_ElsaYoung_b_426x639 2640738-house-19mar15_PaulMassey_b_426x639 Adrian-Briscoe-house-2jun14_pr_b_426x639 Jake-Curtis-house-15may15_pr_b_426x639 Paul-Massey-easy-living-6jan13_pr_b_426x639 Shot_11_111_b_426x639_2 Simon-Watson_b_426x639 VER040112_123-1-house-30apr15_SimonUptonVerandaMagazine_b_426x639

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