Space theme, a new idea for home decorations

It’s been 45 years since the infamous Apollo 13 mission. Hollywood made a movie about it and with the exception of the first Apollo spaceship that landed on the Moon, this is probably the most famous of them all. And knowing this trivia is just another clue that we are passionate, almost obsessed, with every detail involving space, spaceships, planets, stars and much more.

There is something beyond spectacular and mysterious about the unknown that is above us and we want to transcend it as best as we can. So we bring it close, transfer it into minor details of our existence, make it part of our day to day life. And how can we do this?

Interior designers gave us the answer by offering a wide range of home decorations, all of them sharing a common theme: space.

With these new decorations you can bring the Milky Way and the stars closer to you. There are space and constellations towels for kitchen or bath, plates, lamps, watches and many more. And they’ve thought even about some space chairs, for your comfort and you guests’ surprise.

Also, for those who want to transform their rooms into space tributes, there are different types of wallpapers with stars, planets or galaxies. Don’t worry, you can find matching bedding and rugs for the ultimate exquisite look.

Basically, the possibilities are infinite, just like the space we are so keen to replicate in our houses. All we need is some expert pieces of advice and the courage to try something different.

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