Spacious City Dwelling


The following apartment design is a contemporary gen established within the historical setting of Dnepropetrivsk’s center, where a glimpse of the
great river Dnepr come to button up all the details. This fresh home design was pictured for a young family by SVOYA Studio. Planed to be divided into
two separate areas of function, one is intended for the children’s bedroom and adult’s bedroom, altogether with a lovely dressing room and bathroom, and
the second frames an airy living area resided in a generous kitchen diner and a cozy lounge. A sleek entertainment wall comes to separate the living room
from the sleeping space. The large polar-looking kitchen and a double banked wall units grant abundant storage space, not only for the kitchenware.
Polished woodgrain panels provide a feel of warmth in the otherwise plain, white kitchen. Every dining area in the crib is encircled with a myriad of pendant
lights. The textures and finishes were given special attention, resulting a calculated blending of wood and stone, matt and shine, all to deliver an impecable
equilibrium of warmth and futurism. What else could you possibly add to this gracious home design? Your opinion matters so.

6-White-stools-600x398 1-Gray-sofas-600x396 2-Island-extractor-600x380 7-Black-lamps-600x901 8-Chrome-pendant-lights-600x398

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