Splendid Angsana Velavaru Maldives

If you are seeking for a glimpse of heaven, Angsana Velavaru would surely solve your dilemma. Located in Maldives, this resort will bring you the best time of your life
by offering you all the means of the marine life. “Velavaru” translates in “Turtle island” in Dhivehi (the national language of Maldives). This name has not been
used at random, since the island whereon our resort indwells is surrounded by crystalline waters and unbelievably blue skies. The tropical lifestyle is here combined
with modern ways of living, having as a result a perfect destination for any person suffering of wanderlust.
This bewildering island can bluster with a myriad of villas overlooking at the turquise ocean. As if it was not enough, this resort offers another fictitious altervative-
The InOcean Villas, which are suspended over water,being sustained by tills. Who wouldn’t cry for pile dwelling, with alluring waters beneath?
Just to live up the expactions, the indoor designs of the lodges revive the prodigious vistas from the outside. Using zippy colours and marine features,the interiors
are a problongation of the alfresco. Having generous windows and large doors, the villas seem to be eager in absorbing the breeze and the warm air for themselves. If someone
me now and told me that I am to head for the Maldives,I wouldn’t have second thoughts in saying “Yes!”. Would you?

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