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DIY Christmas Room Decor


For this project you will need a few things:

– christmas tree lights;

-some paper, white transparent material or cupcake cases.

What you need to do: Cut the paper into snowflake, stars or hearts shape and put it between the lights; if you choose to use the cupcake cases you should buy some with Christmas motifs, make a hole in it and put the lights into it. Simple as that!

10-cool-diy-christmas-garlands13 Basic_Christmas_Craft_Ideas_-_Christmas_Lights_Garland diy-christmas-lights-dxxrlges


I said to you in the last post that I the Advent Calendar is a good idea for kids, but also adults and now I am here to show you how to make one.

You will need:

-Some fabric or colored paper*the colors depends on what shape you would like to make it*;

-Hot glue;


Choose the shape you want your calendar to be, cut the paper or the fabric into 25 pieces and then hot glued it on the rope. Make sure every shape can be filled with some sweets, or jewelry.

Advent-Calendar5 brown-envelopes paper-pyramids uploads-20131204T2204Z_b2677ca97cbc4743e2609293dd02e62a-IMG_3014edit