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Ceramic House

Ceramic-House-Madrid-Spain-6-750x557 Ceramic-House-Madrid-Spain-9-750x558 Ceramic-House-Madrid-Spain-21 Ceramic-House-Madrid-Spain-23-750x536 Ceramic-House-Madrid-Spain-25-750x640 Ceramic-House-Madrid-Spain-26-750x555 Ceramic-House-Madrid-Spain-29

The ceramic House was the idea of the Spanish architect Hector Ruiz – Velazquez and it is not an actual house, but rather a small apartment in Madrid.

These apartment doesn’t have any entry from room to room, no doors. The idea of the architect being to ease the communication between family members in different rooms.

Although I used the term ‘family’, the architect Hector says that this apartment is dedicated to those who live all by themselves, because the apartment itself it’s not big enough.

The interior is all white because almost everything is made with cerami, and I suspect that the apartment temperature is lower (because of ceramic wall and floor).