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We spoke about lighting,about home accessories,walls, but never about floors. Aren’t they as important as the others? Of course they are! The floor is the thing that makes the room full, that completes it.

Here is a collection of floors featuring cement tiles, very different, beautiful and chic and add so much character to an interior.

cement_tiles_frenchbydesign_1 cement_tiles_frenchbydesign_2 cement_tiles_frenchbydesign_3 cement_tiles_frenchbydesign_4 cement_tiles_frenchbydesign_5 cement_tiles_frenchbydesign_6 cement_tiles_frenchbydesign_7

You can be very creative with these, and you can mix and play with the colors and patterns.

Brick houses

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I always compared brick houses with grandparents houses and I don’t even know you. I didn’t have the luck to have grandparents living in the countryside so I always wanted to go somewhere where I can feel at grandparents.

Brick houses are designed from raw materials and they look amazing! They give you the feeling that the architect worked so much placing every singe piece of … there. They are common for London architecture, they look vintage.

I also think that a brick interior would look stunning, but I will do some research and I will talk soon about it and I will show you picture for ideas.

Have you ever seen a brick house? How did you like it?

Apartments designed for young families

When you are just married and you will finally buy your own house for living with your husband/wife you want to find the perfect one.

At first, I advise you to search for smaller apartments, not bigger ones but designed for younger people. For example, a bathroom equipped.

When buying a house for a younger family I think about investing a lot in the technology, not the house itself. I mean, smart lights and TVs, a music player and a lot of gadgets.

I also think about making the home more cozy, use a lot of photos with us in house, try to use more colors for room décor and also personalize it for your own pleasure.

Your bedroom should be technology-free, just a place where you two can relax and talk about future plans. Feel it with plants to send you more energy by only looking at them, and use a lot of pillows for your bed + a furry blanket.

Now, I invite you to look at some inspiring photos of small and cozy apartments for young families.

1_Summer-Hill729-620x349 Bordoiu_Arad_02 modern_apartment_in_moscow_by_studioplan_6_20130315_1204090167 Modern-Apartment-Ideas-for-Young-Professional-Livingroom-800x599 moscow-study1 simple-studio-apartment Small-Loft-Redecoration small-space-furniture-decor small-studio-apartment-decorating-ideas-on-a-budget studio-apartment-design

Bedroom like wonderland by Eduardo Arruga

beautiful-bedroom-Eduardo-Arruga bedroom-Eduardo-Arruga-3 bedroom-Eduardo-Arruga-4 bedroom-Eduardo-Arruga-design detail-bedroom-Eduardo-Arruga

Look at this beautiful bedroom! It’s like a wonderful story told by Barcelona interior designer Eduardo Arruga which express a soft vintage feeling and combine some shades of blue with a variety of patterns and textures. The beige background fits perfect with the furniture pieces, inviting and warm.  The bed is located in the middle of the room, receiving  the rays of sun in the morning and the chest with pillows is like a cumulation of dreams which waiting to escape at midnight.

Would you like to sleep in this bedroom? In the morning you could admire you in the antique mirrors and smell this beautiful wildflowers that bring nature and purity in your soul.

Rustic Retreat by Wheeler Kearns Architects

013-suns-retreat-wheeler-kearns-architects-1050x675 015-suns-retreat-wheeler-kearns-architects-1050x1349 016-suns-retreat-wheeler-kearns-architects-1050x714 018-suns-retreat-wheeler-kearns-architects-1050x701 019-suns-retreat-wheeler-kearns-architects-1050x700 020-suns-retreat-wheeler-kearns-architects-1050x689 022-suns-retreat-wheeler-kearns-architects-1050x716

In an ordinary world springps up artists who color our life everyday: the architects. This inspiring lakeside retreat is situated in Harbert, Michigan, United States and it is designed by Wheeler Kearns Architects. The dining room suggests simplicity and the family harmony by means of furniture pieces and floor to ceiling windows are the predominant element in the room, celebrating the movement of the sun thoughout the day. Well, this is the place where you can relax afer work, read books or enjoy the sunset with people you love.
The stairs are the line between the dining room and the kitchen, supported by stainless steel cables which blends harmoniously both wood floor and kitchen furniture. The shades of grey of the sofa and the chairs are in acordance with the fireplace, suggesting peace, elegance, comfort, a space where you can meditate.