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Dream House Or Movie House?

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Have you ever watched a movie with no luxurious apartments or houses? Is there anyone in this world who can say “I’ve never seen a beautiful house in a movie’?
I think I know the question. HMM… NOO!?
I also know for sure that a dream house is actually a movie house (that house with the best design in the world which we see in the movies, with a big pool in the garden, with a design that reminds us of a castel)

Here are some architects that can make everything in your house look like those in the movies:

David Collins
David Chipperfield
Duggan Morris
Wells Mackereth

My favorite movie houses are those with big windows from which you can see the forest, those with big gardens surrounded by plants. The house from Twilight is one that I can take as a mark.



Which is yours?