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Bedroom Design Ideas

Between sleeping, reading and, quite simply, relaxing, it’s likely you spend a lot of time in your bedroom. It makes sense, then, that you’ve also spent a significant amount of time turning it into your own personal oasis.p1



A conventional bedroom layout is anchored by a bed with a nightstand on either side. Across from the foot of the bed, a dresser should be situated below a mirror.

Resist the temptation to add more furniture. You don’t need it.



If your room has ample space, however, consider creating a lounge-like atmosphere.For creating a separate space for daytime relaxation in your bedroom, situate two lounge chairs across from the foot of the bed with a side table in between them.



In tiny bedrooms, it’s important to make us of the side walls and mirrors to open up the space.One space-saving technique is to put the bed against the wall, with a single nightstand. Use bright colors to make the space look bigger!



This idea can be used especially for the kids’ room. The goal with a shared space should be to create separate “zones” so your children — or whoever else is sharing the bedroom — can feel as though they have an area of their own.

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Christmas Room Decor

698c2c25e6148856fb42efabc75bcf63 adorable-christmas-bedroom-decor-ideas-30 christmas-11 christmas-diy-room-decorations-02 christmas-wall-decor-2015-umt7t1mn glamorous-pastel-christmas-decor-ideas-26 modern-christmas-master-bedroom-design-ideas spectacular-christmas-inspirations-home-decor-for-the-romantic-christmas-bedroom-interior-with-accesories-table-lamp-and-property-of-christmas-like-a-snow-man-doll-948x634Decorating the bedroom it’s the easiest part when it comes to decorate regardless of any season.

The first decoration I thought about when it comes to your bedroom it was about the bed sheets. Choose one with Christmas motifs and some pillowcases with messages like: HoHoHo, Let it snow, Merry X-mas, etc.

Another must-have for this season is the decorated table; with seasonal candles, globes, pin cones.

Above the bed you can personalize some Christmas Tree Lights (I will show you in a sooner post how to do it)

If you want to decorate your children’s room you can also opt for an Advent Calendar which, honestly I think it is as beautiful for the adults.


Dark Rooms

 Christopher Leach once told us, ‘be brave and decorate with dark color. It doesn’t mean you will end up with a room of Stygian gloom. If a space doesn’t receive much natural light, there is no jolly yellow or bright white on earth that will remedy it.’

Black was always my go-to color, my favorite one, so that’s why I thought about talking about dark rooms, black walls. Cause why not?

If you are stylish enough, and you know how to make it work, your room won’t look grungy,but intimate,romantic.

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How To Make Your Bedroom Feel More Romantic

-Soft colors are the best for bedrooms – beige, gray, eggshell, blush are great colors for bedrooms. They definitely make you feel more relaxed;

-Romantic bedrooms don’t usually have zebra striped or bright colored comforter sets. Bedding should be soft and neutral and relaxing;

-Add some romantic items like a chandelier or pictures with your love;

-Use candles to create ambian15-black-and-white-bedroom-ideas-9 18-delightful-amp-romantic-bedroom-design-elsafana-by-suprin-with-regard-to-romantic-bedroom-decorating-ideas-for-your-home awesome-romantic-bedroom-ideas-scenery-bedroom-interior-by-suprin-with-romantic-bedroom-decorating-ideas-for-your-home Elegant-Traditional-Romantic-Bedroom-Ideas Feminine-Bedroom-Ideas-4 luxury-traditional-master-bedrooms-awesome-decoration-10-on-bedroom-simple-home-design ??????????????????????????????? red-romantic-bedroom romantic-bedrooms sweet-romantic-bedroom-ideasce;

Home Inspiration

There are no many words to say in this post, I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite home designs, some of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever seen and a lot of inspirational photos that I collected over the months.

If you have some specific question about a photo, design or architecture,please leave a comment down below and I will try as soon as possible to write a post about it.

Thank you for reading my articles and being here!

See you next time!

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