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Make your small space look like a big one








paris apartment 2
Do you think that if you have a small place you can’t design it as good as a big one? That’s a wrong mentality! You can design it as beautiful as a big one or even better.
What is the advantage of having a small house? You can find things easier, it will become a cozy place soon, you can live by yourself never wondering what would you do alone in such a big place.

So, how can we decorate a small place?
– Find that expandable furniture for your place. It will make it more spacious;
– Fill it with pictures of your family, friends;
– Paint the rooms in a bright color or white ( it will give the impression of a bigger space);
– Baskets under the bed are a great place to stash extra stuff;
– A bench at the foot of the bed creates plenty of space to stash things underneath..
So if you are living in such a place, don’t worry and don’t feel lost. Small places can become a more like ‘home’ than a big place who can become a ‘hotel’.