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Bookshelf Ideas

From brilliant bookshelves built into stairs to floor-to-ceiling libraries, these bookshelf ideas for living rooms, the study and beyond are just as inspiring as the tomes that fill them. Fancy creating a clever book nook of your own? 

As a person who reads a lot, I recommend that ,if you read a lot too, to design your own bookshelf, to make it as big as you want.Maybe you want to recycle an old piece of furniture like an old storage for an vintage look.

For an industrial look you can use a lot of wood to make your bookshelf. Ralph-Lauren-Home-West-Village-Collection-house-05oct15-pr_b_426x639_1 Richard-Davies-1-House-10sep15-pr_b_639x426_1 cottage-13-house-20mar15_pr_b_426x639 Real-homes-6-Easy-Living-19Dec13-Paul-Massey_bt_426x639_1 2664920-house-17aug15_SimonBrown_b_639x426 2652047-house-11may15_SimonUpton_b_426x639 Ham-Yard-11-Tatler-15Jul14_b_639x426 Sharyn-Cairns2-house-3oct14_pr_b_639x426 Sarah-Hogan-2-house-23may14_pr_b_426x639 2338991-lincoln-selgan-house-27mar15_SimonBrown_b_426x639