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Brick houses-interior

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I promised you in a previous post that I will talk a little about the interior of a brick house. As you know, at the exterior all is made from brick. Surprise: the walls at the interior are just the same! But they look spectacular though.

I always wanted to break a wall and leave the bricks out. If you don’t want your all to be made from true brick, you can find someone who can paint it for you. I assure you it will look exactly the same, even better.

When you have a brick wall, or more, you can also place a fireplace and you will feel as you are in the mountains,

Brick houses

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I always compared brick houses with grandparents houses and I don’t even know you. I didn’t have the luck to have grandparents living in the countryside so I always wanted to go somewhere where I can feel at grandparents.

Brick houses are designed from raw materials and they look amazing! They give you the feeling that the architect worked so much placing every singe piece of … there. They are common for London architecture, they look vintage.

I also think that a brick interior would look stunning, but I will do some research and I will talk soon about it and I will show you picture for ideas.

Have you ever seen a brick house? How did you like it?