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The Hallway

You really need a classy,stylish hallway for your home. I am here to help if you don’t know what to do about that. Here are some essentials for your hallway, so that it will thank you:

1. A chandelier;

2. A mirror;

3. A pattern wall

4. Photoframes

Your hallway will describe the entire house, so be careful not to fill it with things that doesn’t need to be there. One more important thing to know, don’t forget about places to put your shoes and outwears.

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How to choose the perfect chandelier for your house

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Designer lighting is back in vogue!? YES, IT REALLY IS! Contemporary and traditional designs of chandeliers are available in the market.
I recommend buying a chandelier only for houses or very big apartments, because having a chandelier in your small room can agglomerate the space.
A chandelier is one way to change the lighting in the bedroom while also adding some vintage vibes to the decor. While chandeliers are most commonly used in dining rooms or foyers, many people are also choosing to add them in other rooms of the house. Finding the perfect chandelier for a bedroom can be a little bit tricky. Before shopping for a chandelier, the room will need to be measured, and the appropriate size of chandelier will need to be determined. After you’ve measured your room and chose the size of the chandelier you can think about the design of it.

There are a lot of different types of chandelier:
1. Brass (Elegant appearance)
2. Made of glass
3. Tiffany (Chandelier covered in bright pieces of glass)
4. Drum (Chandelier with a cylindrical shape)
5. Beaded (The chandelier is covered in beads)
6. Victorian (Designed from the early 19th century)
7. Capodimonte (Sculpted from porcelain)
8. Made of crystal

Would you buy a chandelier for your bedroom?