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Big Family House

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When you have a large family you need ,fore sure, more space, but not everyone seems to need a huge house , so many of us swich the big house to an economic version .


What is this version about?

1.In short , children’s rooms can be converted into a single room where 2 children can live , and will be shared equally , but decorated differently in each part .

2.The kitchen should not host the table where they eat, it can be placed in the livingroom , which is usually the largest room of a house ,where the family will gather at the end of the day .


If you know how to arrange, the house will not look at all crowded and it will be small and with a great taste .


!! Greater attention should focus on the courtyard , which will be also the playground , the relaxing corner and the partying place.

Home offices

An office in the house should not miss at anyone’s place. It is the place where we can carry out the work , where children can do their homework or read quietly their favorite book .

Of course , a mini – library should not miss in the office , because it will store the books we need. The computer is also a must have in this setting .

You should know that without things like paper , notebooks, pens , we can’t finish the job, but the ideal is to store it in special boxes that do not occupy much room . For this, there are many DIY projects . Maybe it will even show you how to make a storage box office .11 33 White Home Office with Stained Wood Countertop 73838-64366 221759cyv amazing-home-office-decoration-ideas eventsstyle.com_56613 Home-Office-CLP-BB1-20141001 home-office-design-ideas1 home-office-storage-system home-office Katie-and-Shanes-finished-office-space-2-Large

The windows need to be as large  as possible and the desk where we do our work must focus on natural light . Now , let’s show you some modern offices hat have captured attention in particular.