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Is It A Stack of Books? -NO! It’s A Staircase

It’s truly amazing what some imagination and craftiness can do to a set of stairs! Pippa Branham, a bibliophile from England, painted her staircase to look like the spine of her and her husband’s 13 favorite books. She says that she was inspired by an image she saw on Pinterest.13620139_10153510438327100_4863390341502123973_n 13626507_10153510437912100_5476431942565694096_n 13599793_10153510438247100_6111838177606377111_n 13626636_10153510438092100_8287461095767556737_n landscape-1469470910-staircase-transformation-projects-books (1)

For all of us, Pippa shared some images of how she transformed the  wooden stairs into colorful “books” using brushes, tape, paint and, of course, time (6 weeks). The whole project cost the family less than $200, which was less expensive than carpeting the stairs. Pippa declared that  the most difficult part of the project was painting sets of letters sideways.13620139_10153510438327100_4863390341502123973_n13626636_10153510438092100_8287461095767556737_n

Pippa is a young mother and to ensure the stairs were safe for kids (and not slippery from the paint), she mixed the paint with a small amount of kid’s play sand to make it grittier.13599793_10153510438247100_6111838177606377111_n

If you are a bibliophile and you want to have an original staircase with a little money you must try this. You can paint the titles of your favorite books. More than that, if you have children this idea can help them to develop their passion for reading because they will see books all around them!BeFunky Collage13626636_10153510438092100_8287461095767556737_n

Colors For Spring

Spring is coming and we need new inspiration, new ideas. But when it comes to decorate our room with new furniture or little decorations we have to know what colors are in trend for this year.

It seems that a one color look for your room is now enough to make it look great!


Yellow is not the easiest color to decorate with, but if you get it right, yellow can be sunny and uplifting. All you have to do is to play with textures and patterns.

Yellow Yellow Yellow


A more contemporary choice than strong reds, orange works best when used in moderation.

Orange Orange


Fresh, moss greens work best in a hall, garden room or conservatory – rooms that link to the outside.

Green Green

There are also some colors that you can use by itself: blue, pastel pink,violet.


What is a Pagoda? A Pagoda is a tiered tower with multiple eaves, built in traditions originating in historic East Asia. Most pagodas were built to have a religious function, most commonly Buddhist.

Now, Pagoda has became a known trend, It is used now as wallpapers or fabric pattern. A house decorated in this style, looks like a typical Asian house, and I like it. The bright colors, the interesting design.

4ae32c400c4ef23343d4c111fbef9e48 Captura de ecrã 2015-04-13, às 22.28.13 ImperialGarden-Detail ImperialGarden-Mirador ImperialGarden-Mirador2 ImperialGarden-PagodaGarden4 Pagoda-River-Fabric-Main-LR(1) T14208


We spoke about lighting,about home accessories,walls, but never about floors. Aren’t they as important as the others? Of course they are! The floor is the thing that makes the room full, that completes it.

Here is a collection of floors featuring cement tiles, very different, beautiful and chic and add so much character to an interior.

cement_tiles_frenchbydesign_1 cement_tiles_frenchbydesign_2 cement_tiles_frenchbydesign_3 cement_tiles_frenchbydesign_4 cement_tiles_frenchbydesign_5 cement_tiles_frenchbydesign_6 cement_tiles_frenchbydesign_7

You can be very creative with these, and you can mix and play with the colors and patterns.

Romanian vs American Tradional kitchen

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The kitchen is probably the place where you can find out good stories, where family meet at the end of the day.

There are not so many things to say about this two type of kitchens:

If you are Romanian, as I am, you know for sure how it looks: a lot of wood, traditional carpet, painted pots.

The American one has the little bar where you can prepare food, surrounded by chairs, it is as simple as possible, not too many colors.

The styles of these two are totally different, the american one is as luxurious as possible, with modern furniture, but the romanian one is simple, is trying to put in value the traditional style of Romania (a lot of colors, nature, wood, brick). I love the romanian one more, because of its positive vibe.