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Is It A Stack of Books? -NO! It’s A Staircase

It’s truly amazing what some imagination and craftiness can do to a set of stairs! Pippa Branham, a bibliophile from England, painted her staircase to look like the spine of her and her husband’s 13 favorite books. She says that she was inspired by an image she saw on Pinterest.13620139_10153510438327100_4863390341502123973_n 13626507_10153510437912100_5476431942565694096_n 13599793_10153510438247100_6111838177606377111_n 13626636_10153510438092100_8287461095767556737_n landscape-1469470910-staircase-transformation-projects-books (1)

For all of us, Pippa shared some images of how she transformed the  wooden stairs into colorful “books” using brushes, tape, paint and, of course, time (6 weeks). The whole project cost the family less than $200, which was less expensive than carpeting the stairs. Pippa declared that  the most difficult part of the project was painting sets of letters sideways.13620139_10153510438327100_4863390341502123973_n13626636_10153510438092100_8287461095767556737_n

Pippa is a young mother and to ensure the stairs were safe for kids (and not slippery from the paint), she mixed the paint with a small amount of kid’s play sand to make it grittier.13599793_10153510438247100_6111838177606377111_n

If you are a bibliophile and you want to have an original staircase with a little money you must try this. You can paint the titles of your favorite books. More than that, if you have children this idea can help them to develop their passion for reading because they will see books all around them!BeFunky Collage13626636_10153510438092100_8287461095767556737_n

DIY Home Decor

Most of the time I spend scrolling through Pinterest’s pages, and every time I come across some interesting ideas which I want to show you too. I know some times it’s easier to look on Pinterest, but for those who want some interesting ideas, I find quite easy to look here for a simpler presentation.


DIY Home Decor

This one I tried myself and it’s pretty gorgeous. I used the glass to store my makeup brushes in it, but with a candle inside it looks more beautiful.

DIY Home Decor

A personalized earth globe sounds like a great idea for a home decor? For me it does!


DIY Home Decor

Stone Coasters bring a natural vibe in your home. It makes you feel surrounded by nature when you drink your coffee or tea.


DIY Home Decor

This last one looks a little bit complicated, but trust me that in fact it isn’t such a big deal and in the end the effort is worthy.

DIY Christmas Room Decor


For this project you will need a few things:

– christmas tree lights;

-some paper, white transparent material or cupcake cases.

What you need to do: Cut the paper into snowflake, stars or hearts shape and put it between the lights; if you choose to use the cupcake cases you should buy some with Christmas motifs, make a hole in it and put the lights into it. Simple as that!

10-cool-diy-christmas-garlands13 Basic_Christmas_Craft_Ideas_-_Christmas_Lights_Garland diy-christmas-lights-dxxrlges


I said to you in the last post that I the Advent Calendar is a good idea for kids, but also adults and now I am here to show you how to make one.

You will need:

-Some fabric or colored paper*the colors depends on what shape you would like to make it*;

-Hot glue;


Choose the shape you want your calendar to be, cut the paper or the fabric into 25 pieces and then hot glued it on the rope. Make sure every shape can be filled with some sweets, or jewelry.

Advent-Calendar5 brown-envelopes paper-pyramids uploads-20131204T2204Z_b2677ca97cbc4743e2609293dd02e62a-IMG_3014edit

Family Friendly

DIY project, recycling things are one of the most beautiful things I love to do. As a creative person, I have to say that recycling even a package of a product, can be priceless! Why ? We can make a lot of new brilliant accessories for your home.

Let’s show you a family friendly home, made with a lot of DIY projects and with some very creative uses of repurposed industrial pieces. proving what you can accomplish with a very small budget.

vt1 vt2 vt3 vt4 vt5 vt6 vt7 vt8 vt9 vt10 vt11 vt14 vt15

If you don’t like DIY projects,please tell me why. I am very curious about this thing, because I am very passionate about it and I can’t understand why someone dislike the idea.



We know how important is recycling these days, and how good it is this for our health and economic status. I personally recycle things by doing something new from it, I don’t usually recycle in the ‘traditional way’. So, I want to show you some great and simple home décor ideas made from recycled things.

1. Flower bulb
For this project you will need:
-1 bulb;
-Fake or natural flowers;





Take the interior of the bulb out, wrap some twine around the end of the bulb and fill it with water. Then, put your flowers in it and you will have an original flowerpot. As simple as this! Personally, I like it in my kitchen because it gives a natural appearance to it.


2. Container holder
You know those annoying meat or fish containers which we throw out immediately, because we cut our fingers in it or they just look unaesthetic? I think I have an idea about how to reuse it.

So, for this project you will need:
– 1 container;
– Watercolors, markers.

boite de conserve #9 j0341511

Take the paper which contains the name of the product off with hot water. Use the container clear and start painting it however you like. Then, you can use it as makeup brushes or school supplies storage.


I hope you like these two DIY projects for your kitchen and bedroom décor and I’ll see you soon with other ones.