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Family Friendly

DIY project, recycling things are one of the most beautiful things I love to do. As a creative person, I have to say that recycling even a package of a product, can be priceless! Why ? We can make a lot of new brilliant accessories for your home.

Let’s show you a family friendly home, made with a lot of DIY projects and with some very creative uses of repurposed industrial pieces. proving what you can accomplish with a very small budget.

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If you don’t like DIY projects,please tell me why. I am very curious about this thing, because I am very passionate about it and I can’t understand why someone dislike the idea.


Big Family House

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When you have a large family you need ,fore sure, more space, but not everyone seems to need a huge house , so many of us swich the big house to an economic version .


What is this version about?

1.In short , children’s rooms can be converted into a single room where 2 children can live , and will be shared equally , but decorated differently in each part .

2.The kitchen should not host the table where they eat, it can be placed in the livingroom , which is usually the largest room of a house ,where the family will gather at the end of the day .


If you know how to arrange, the house will not look at all crowded and it will be small and with a great taste .


!! Greater attention should focus on the courtyard , which will be also the playground , the relaxing corner and the partying place.