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Luckily this year pastels are a trend, especially pink, nude and mint ! * mint and pink are my favorite *.

I love pastel clothes, shoes and furniture.. I don’t know, they make me think about macaroons, about something delicious to eat. I know that clothes and shoes are something usual met, but furniture? I personally didn’t see with my eyes something like this, but I searched and I found it!

Let’s see:

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Romanian vs American Tradional kitchen

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The kitchen is probably the place where you can find out good stories, where family meet at the end of the day.

There are not so many things to say about this two type of kitchens:

If you are Romanian, as I am, you know for sure how it looks: a lot of wood, traditional carpet, painted pots.

The American one has the little bar where you can prepare food, surrounded by chairs, it is as simple as possible, not too many colors.

The styles of these two are totally different, the american one is as luxurious as possible, with modern furniture, but the romanian one is simple, is trying to put in value the traditional style of Romania (a lot of colors, nature, wood, brick). I love the romanian one more, because of its positive vibe.


elegant-foyer-interior-design entryway-designs-foyer-decorating-home-organization-2 Entryway1 Foyer-Lake-Success foyer-meaning-design Ideas-For-Home-Entryways-images-2-Pics-Of-Entryways marble-floor-entryway other-interior-bedroom-furniture-foyer-ideas-inspiration-fresh-ideas-for-foyers-also-entries small-entryway-ideas-wallpaper

When a house is well arranged and beautiful , this may be recognizable from the entrance . If the foyers is bright , well- accessorized and full of flowers it means that I entered the perfect home !

The hall should accommodate besides hangers, and places where we can deposit shoes , some painting with landscapes that relax you from the entrance to the house , and flowers of various kinds to keep us connected with nature. As you know , flowers are also a rich source of oxygen.

The furniture must be as simple and small as possible in this space , if possible with many drawers to store things you do not want to keep in sight.


Chairs, Table and A Bookcase- All Together

“Trick” is a pair of chairs, a table and a bookcase all together.

Trick Trick Trick Trick Trick Trick

Designed by Sakura Adachi for Italian manufacturer Campeggi, “Trick” is a bookcase which transforms into a console table with two chairs. When both sides of the bookcase are moved from the original positions, they function as chairs. What remains in the centre works as a table. The console can be used for dining as well as for writing, reading and working on your computer. It is multi-purpose furniture which offers a space saving solution and fulfills your everyday activities in small environment .

Here is a nice space saving solution for a small apartment!

Minimalist design for your home

13232 black-and-white-minimalist-bookcase-design-unique-bookcase-minimalist brilliant-minimalist-design-of-modern-minimalist-bathtub-design-bowl-shape-for-home-design comedor-minimalista Intersting-Minimalist-Kitchen-Suggestions-Picture-Newest-Compilation kitchen kitchen-1024x682 minimalist-home-designs minimalist-home-office-design-ideas Minimalist-Interior-Design-109 ??????????????????????? Perfect-Diy-minimalist-living-room

Minimalist architecture became popular in the late 1980s in London and New York, where architects and fashion designers worked together in the boutiques to achieve simplicity, using white elements, cold lighting, large space with minimum objects and furniture.

This is exactly what I like the most, and you’ve probably seen in the last posts when I was talking about large, clean, spacious spaces.

At first sight, minimalist designs look as simple as a wood stick, but I promise you they can be so, so beautiful and being surrounded by such a place makes you feel positive, inspired.

One of the most known minimalist architects are:
Tadao Ando
Kazuyo Sejima
John Pawson
Alberto Campo Baeza