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Big Family House

1279664040 contemporary-patio delightful-loft-bed-decorating-ideas-4-girls-double-bed-room-800-x-467 Double-Bed-Girl-Room-Classic-Style-with-White-Color Family Watching Television Green-Double-Loft-Beds-for-Girls-Bedroom-Design-Idea-By-Giessegi-800x533 Living-Room-18 Lovely-Interior-Bedroom-Design-For-Boy-And-Girl-With-Amusing-Flower-Pattern-Bed-Also-Cool-Bookshelf-Ideas-Image Swing

When you have a large family you need ,fore sure, more space, but not everyone seems to need a huge house , so many of us swich the big house to an economic version .


What is this version about?

1.In short , children’s rooms can be converted into a single room where 2 children can live , and will be shared equally , but decorated differently in each part .

2.The kitchen should not host the table where they eat, it can be placed in the livingroom , which is usually the largest room of a house ,where the family will gather at the end of the day .


If you know how to arrange, the house will not look at all crowded and it will be small and with a great taste .


!! Greater attention should focus on the courtyard , which will be also the playground , the relaxing corner and the partying place.

Geometry-Inspired Hammock Sofa

Kodama-Zome-1 Kodama-Zome-2 Kodama-Zome-3 Kodama-Zome-4 Kodama-Zome-5 Kodama-Zome-6 Kodama-Zome-7 Kodama-Zome-8 Kodama-Zome-9

Geometry, art and talent are the base of this beautiful concept-geometry-inspired hammock sofa. I promised you in my previous post that I would talk to you about this type of hammocks.

These hammocks are designed by Richie Duncan and they were supposed to be suspended above the ground. They are outdoor ‘accessories’, but I think that they would look even better indoor, because they would give your house that arty vibe and I think it speaks a lot about the owner.

If you liked this post and this kind of hammock, please let me know in the comment section where would you place the geometry-inspired Hammock Sofa? I will pronounce myself for indoor and above a river.

How to decorate your garden

outdoor-project-outdoor-enclosed-walkway-and-play-pen-for-indoor-cats retro-garden-lighting the-simple-home-garden-ideas-17-the-simple-home-garden-ideas1600-x-1200-1688-kb-jpeg-x ZomeGeometric-wcth01 20622R01 Country Gardens Solar Birdbath_1_LRG decorating-small-garden-home-idea-with-raised-flower-bed-potted-plants garden-ideas-20 IMG_1030 IMG_1150

When you have an organized and well-designed house, you really want your garden to be the same. So, what should you do?

I am here to help you with some ideas for decorating your garden.


  1. Plant a lot of threes and plants (in a few years you will live in your own forest);
  2. Surround your garden with vintage lamps;
  3. An handmade turret which looks like a Indian tent;
  4. Decorate your garden entrance with colorful flowers;
  5. Place a table with some chairs in the most peaceful corner and take dinner there;
  6. Build a birdbath;
  7. Create an outdoor walkway for your cat;
  8. Create a hammock designed only for you (I will show you some interesting ideas of hammocks designs in the next post)