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Bookshelf Ideas

From brilliant bookshelves built into stairs to floor-to-ceiling libraries, these bookshelf ideas for living rooms, the study and beyond are just as inspiring as the tomes that fill them. Fancy creating a clever book nook of your own? 

As a person who reads a lot, I recommend that ,if you read a lot too, to design your own bookshelf, to make it as big as you want.Maybe you want to recycle an old piece of furniture like an old storage for an vintage look.

For an industrial look you can use a lot of wood to make your bookshelf. Ralph-Lauren-Home-West-Village-Collection-house-05oct15-pr_b_426x639_1 Richard-Davies-1-House-10sep15-pr_b_639x426_1 cottage-13-house-20mar15_pr_b_426x639 Real-homes-6-Easy-Living-19Dec13-Paul-Massey_bt_426x639_1 2664920-house-17aug15_SimonBrown_b_639x426 2652047-house-11may15_SimonUpton_b_426x639 Ham-Yard-11-Tatler-15Jul14_b_639x426 Sharyn-Cairns2-house-3oct14_pr_b_639x426 Sarah-Hogan-2-house-23may14_pr_b_426x639 2338991-lincoln-selgan-house-27mar15_SimonBrown_b_426x639

Clothes Storage Ideas

If you are a girl, you know how it feels to have tons of clothes, and how difficult it is for you to give up on them. So, you need a big  stylish clothes storage. Because I am a girl, because I like shopping, and I have the problem if clothes storage, I searched for you *and also for me* some ideas to make our dressing room pop.

 Well-designed clothes storage should be an essential element of a bedroom, and planning it so that it will enhance your space as well as have room for all your clothing – no matter how much of it there is – is something that should be considered carefully. 1101479-2-house-and-garden-14mar14_pr_b_639x426 2640734-house-19mar15_SimonUpton_b_426x639 2652051-house-11may15_SimonUpton_b_639x426 2676861-house-23jul15_SarahHogan_b_426x639 Alexander-James-easy-living-25feb14_pr_b_426x639 Alexander-James1-house-3oct14_pr_b_639x426 Home-updates-Easy-Living-20Dec13-Rachel-Whiting_b_426x639 Sharyn-Cairns-house-5dec14_pr_b_426x639

Dark Rooms

 Christopher Leach once told us, ‘be brave and decorate with dark color. It doesn’t mean you will end up with a room of Stygian gloom. If a space doesn’t receive much natural light, there is no jolly yellow or bright white on earth that will remedy it.’

Black was always my go-to color, my favorite one, so that’s why I thought about talking about dark rooms, black walls. Cause why not?

If you are stylish enough, and you know how to make it work, your room won’t look grungy,but intimate,romantic.

2080705-house-20may14_pr_b_426x639 2080716-house-20may14_pr_b_426x639 2427774-house-10jun14_pr_b_426x639 Railings-Bedroom_EL_6feb13_pr_b_426x639 black-room room-138062118411


How To Make Your Bedroom Feel More Romantic

-Soft colors are the best for bedrooms – beige, gray, eggshell, blush are great colors for bedrooms. They definitely make you feel more relaxed;

-Romantic bedrooms don’t usually have zebra striped or bright colored comforter sets. Bedding should be soft and neutral and relaxing;

-Add some romantic items like a chandelier or pictures with your love;

-Use candles to create ambian15-black-and-white-bedroom-ideas-9 18-delightful-amp-romantic-bedroom-design-elsafana-by-suprin-with-regard-to-romantic-bedroom-decorating-ideas-for-your-home awesome-romantic-bedroom-ideas-scenery-bedroom-interior-by-suprin-with-romantic-bedroom-decorating-ideas-for-your-home Elegant-Traditional-Romantic-Bedroom-Ideas Feminine-Bedroom-Ideas-4 luxury-traditional-master-bedrooms-awesome-decoration-10-on-bedroom-simple-home-design ??????????????????????????????? red-romantic-bedroom romantic-bedrooms sweet-romantic-bedroom-ideasce;