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Interior Courtyard

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A garden in the house? Sounds a little bit strange, I know, but for me this is again an original idea which inspires and makes me to want increasingly more to live in a house, not in an apartment.

What could be better than sitting in the living room, on a winter evening, relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate and surround a small garden with plants? I do not find it difficult to maintain, as long as it isn’t large and occupies only a small part of your space.

I said this too in previous articles and I think it is something worth to remind when decorating our space: feng shui encourage the use of many herbs and natural elements to decorate the house , so a kindergarten inside the living room does not sound bad at all , right?


Hotels To Stay

Every time I travel somewhere I like to be near the nature, and when I choose a hotel to stay I like it to be as simple as possible, where nature inspires everything, fresh.

Hotels are meant to make you feel like home, but they have a lot to do to make you feel cozy and like home. Don’t you ever think that it is easy to decorate/design a hotel.  A personal restaurant it is also a great idea, and so it is the pool.

Here are some ideas that I loved about hotel:

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The Fuji Kindergarten

6d9fee8a483108ab2f4e2d9bd8434cb8d315791c6d7357d21af2003f25af416a Tetzuka-Architects-Tree-Wrapped-Classroom-Japan-2 Tetzuka-Architects-Tree-Wrapped-Classroom-Japan-3 3g fuji_kindergarten_ring_around_a_tree_t290911_k4 ring-around-tree-tezuka-architects-6

Speaking about the nature in the previous article and how to live surrounded by it, I came back with another post related to nature and about living in its vicinity .This builiding I am gonna show you is made by some talented architects.

We all know how important the forest is for our health , because it gives us oxygen. And what we want most for our children ? Health ! The Tezuka architects have built a kindergarden surrounded by woods, nature in Fuji . Thus, children can be close to the nature , play without being put in danger in any way. The building was constructed so as to provide the necessary safety and be open to nature .

Does the nature defeat against nature?

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To live , to be one with the nature is not the first thing that people want. The century of technology , the emergence of super modern houses and luxury has made ​​people no longer wanting to live in nature .

As we know, the urban space is much more developed and popularized than the rural one. But to don’t you miss from time to time to take a breath of fresh and healthy air? Okay, that’s why I’m here today , namely , to explain how you can have all these things ( a modern house , health , nature ) combined.

For that, there are many talented architects who combined nature with luxury, and why not technology . Let me show you some of the original ideas of architects such as Lema Martin Fernandez , Nicolas Moreno Deutsch, Peter and Lucy Gauntlett Eisinga , Jeremy Levine .

Nishorogo teknaf by Ehsan Khan

09_Nishorgo_800x531.shkl 1287435200-07-nishorgo-528x396 d6b1251c8ba855c6509214197672363a images (1) images IMG30915 IMG30926

What is the Nishorogo teknaf? It probably sounds a little bit strange and you are wondering what is this, but that’s why I am here. I am gonna explain you:

The Nishorogo teknaf is a centre, located in a protected forest and nature reserve in Chittagong District in the south of Bangladesh and it was made especially to protect the forest, to promote the eco-turism.

The aim of this project it’s to create as little impact to the environment as possible and I have to say that the architect Ehsan Khan succeeded.

*I am sorry about the bad quality of these photos,but these were the only ones I could find.*