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Colors For Spring

Spring is coming and we need new inspiration, new ideas. But when it comes to decorate our room with new furniture or little decorations we have to know what colors are in trend for this year.

It seems that a one color look for your room is now enough to make it look great!


Yellow is not the easiest color to decorate with, but if you get it right, yellow can be sunny and uplifting. All you have to do is to play with textures and patterns.

Yellow Yellow Yellow


A more contemporary choice than strong reds, orange works best when used in moderation.

Orange Orange


Fresh, moss greens work best in a hall, garden room or conservatory – rooms that link to the outside.

Green Green

There are also some colors that you can use by itself: blue, pastel pink,violet.

Fall Bedroom Decor

Autumn is already here, and I love it. Cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, pumpkin spice lattes and lots and lots of beautiful autumnal colors.

What I love the most about autumn is that I can totally change my bedroom appearance and make it more beautiful, more cozy. If you are like me, and you like to spend the biggest part of your time in your bedroom reading, doing homework, watching youtube videos, you choose *for sure* the bedroom to be the first when comes to decorate.

I will give you some ideas about fall bedroom decors, and I will also teach you how to DIY easy room decor for every season. The next posts will be concentrated on this theme.

Ok, so let’s start!

1. Make some garlands from fake leaves *color it in gold,burgundy,orange*;

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2. DIY you own pillow case *If I were to choose for a design I would choose for leaves again, pumpkins, beautiful quotes about autumn*

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3. Paint some fake or real pumpkins, but not like you’d do for Halloween;


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This series will continue with decor for the other rooms in your house!


What is a Pagoda? A Pagoda is a tiered tower with multiple eaves, built in traditions originating in historic East Asia. Most pagodas were built to have a religious function, most commonly Buddhist.

Now, Pagoda has became a known trend, It is used now as wallpapers or fabric pattern. A house decorated in this style, looks like a typical Asian house, and I like it. The bright colors, the interesting design.

4ae32c400c4ef23343d4c111fbef9e48 Captura de ecrã 2015-04-13, às 22.28.13 ImperialGarden-Detail ImperialGarden-Mirador ImperialGarden-Mirador2 ImperialGarden-PagodaGarden4 Pagoda-River-Fabric-Main-LR(1) T14208