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Kids Room

Decorating a kid’s room doesn’t have to be so difficult as it seems to. You only need creativity, and if you have it, you have it all.

You have to paint the room in playful colors, to take care not to forget about the play corner.

An interesting thing about a kid room is the floor. You can personalize the floor in a shape of an animal, or a car, or a doll.

The bed has to be covered with fun throw pillows.

The most important thing: Ask your child what he/she would prefer !!!0061_Little-owl-rug_SP11-house-22apr14_pr_b_639x426 5870-Ikea-easy-living-12sep13_pr_b_426x639 BallStringLights-easy-living-12nov13_pr_b_426x639 Brondesbury-Shootfactory-easy-living-13nov13_pr_b creme-anglaies-easy-living-26sep13_pr_b_426x639 Kids-Buddy-Whale-Rug-at-Kelaty-easy-living-25jul13_pr_b nubie-giraffe-easy-living-19sep13_pr_b Nursery-bed-easy-living-4july_b_426x639 Treehouse-bed-in-natural-lime-wood-from-Mathy-By-Bols-easy-living-25jul13_pr_b