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10 Crazy Ideas For Your Home

When it comes to do crazy things in terms of art I am the first who take a stand. Are you afraid of making something crazy? Please don’t! Do whatever makes you happy with your body, mind, soul and why not – home. Here are 10 crazy ideas for your home design:

1.Aquarium Bed- makes you feel like you’re living in the ocean;aquarium bed2aquarium bed

2. Indoor-Outdoor Pool;

indoor poolIndoor-Swimming-Pool-Design

3.Spiral Staircase Slide- your children can play in the house every time they want;

staircase staircase2

4. Hammock Bed- always a good idea for those who love simplicity;

hammock2 hammock

5. Backyard Cinema- you can watch your favorite movie in your backyard. How cool is this?;

cinema cinebox

6. See-through Bathtub- such a beautiful illusion;

bathtube bathtube2

7. Tree-house in the kid’s room- the dream of every single child;

kids room kids room2

8. Balcony Pool;

balcony pool Balcony-Pool

9. Patterned wallpaper;

patternwallp pattern

10. Frames without art inside.


Which crazy idea would you like for your house?