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Spiro Lamp can `light` yourself

spiro-lamp spiro-lamp spiro-lamp spiro-lamp

Remedios Simón, the creator of this lamp, combines the simple structure for creating an elegant environment. The handcrafted circular suspension lamp is perfect to let the light spread in the room because its diameter is larger and there could be connected more than two bulbs. The decorative, hypnotic spiral shapes, with their curved lines, will let your inner creativity shine.
The lamp could have different colors, fitting to the customer`s taste in design. The attractive Spiro lamp is ideal for the home and in high traffic areas, both private and public. So, you could use for decorating your living room, for example, and also you could use it for lightening a shop, an office, or a conference hall.

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You could also find the lamp`s presentation on YouTube! Check it out!