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Fall Bedroom Decor

Autumn is already here, and I love it. Cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, pumpkin spice lattes and lots and lots of beautiful autumnal colors.

What I love the most about autumn is that I can totally change my bedroom appearance and make it more beautiful, more cozy. If you are like me, and you like to spend the biggest part of your time in your bedroom reading, doing homework, watching youtube videos, you choose *for sure* the bedroom to be the first when comes to decorate.

I will give you some ideas about fall bedroom decors, and I will also teach you how to DIY easy room decor for every season. The next posts will be concentrated on this theme.

Ok, so let’s start!

1. Make some garlands from fake leaves *color it in gold,burgundy,orange*;

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2. DIY you own pillow case *If I were to choose for a design I would choose for leaves again, pumpkins, beautiful quotes about autumn*

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3. Paint some fake or real pumpkins, but not like you’d do for Halloween;


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This series will continue with decor for the other rooms in your house!

Kids Room

Decorating a kid’s room doesn’t have to be so difficult as it seems to. You only need creativity, and if you have it, you have it all.

You have to paint the room in playful colors, to take care not to forget about the play corner.

An interesting thing about a kid room is the floor. You can personalize the floor in a shape of an animal, or a car, or a doll.

The bed has to be covered with fun throw pillows.

The most important thing: Ask your child what he/she would prefer !!!0061_Little-owl-rug_SP11-house-22apr14_pr_b_639x426 5870-Ikea-easy-living-12sep13_pr_b_426x639 BallStringLights-easy-living-12nov13_pr_b_426x639 Brondesbury-Shootfactory-easy-living-13nov13_pr_b creme-anglaies-easy-living-26sep13_pr_b_426x639 Kids-Buddy-Whale-Rug-at-Kelaty-easy-living-25jul13_pr_b nubie-giraffe-easy-living-19sep13_pr_b Nursery-bed-easy-living-4july_b_426x639 Treehouse-bed-in-natural-lime-wood-from-Mathy-By-Bols-easy-living-25jul13_pr_b


Unit 315 or A Wonderful Loft

Unit-315-Loft-Toronto Unit-315-Loft-Toronto Unit-315-Loft-Toronto Unit-315-Loft-Toronto Unit-315-Loft-Toronto Unit-315-Loft-Toronto Unit-315-Loft-Toronto Unit-315-Loft-Toronto Unit-315-Loft-Toronto Unit-315-Loft-Toronto Unit-315-Loft-Toronto Unit-315-Loft-Toronto Unit-315-Loft-Toronto

This apartment combines the modern and classic elements in a suitable way. I consider that this offers a wonderful view both to an architect and an unintitiated. The designers used very clever the entire space and succeeded in arranging the entire space for everything.

Unit 315 is a residential project created by the Canadian builder Dennis Dorion and his wife Dorion Scott and the project is located in a former Wrigley’s chewing gum factory in Toronto, Canada, which was converted into apartments during the late 1990s.
The interior of the apartment is contemporary and rich in details, integrating artistic elements with industrial ones. The predominant color on the walls and ceiling is white and a dark reflective floor offers contrast along with the dark tones of the side walls that are painted black.
The overall neutral tones create a very elegant ambiance with long white curtains adding privacy and large windows allowing a good view of the surroundings. The lounge area is separated from the kitchen through a large island and the second floor is accessed through a spiraling staircase that also acts as a sculptural element in the living area. Another interesting characteristic of this space is that there is a separate room for the motorcycle so that it also becomes a part of the ambiance.

Would you like to live there?


A Simple House with Style

Christian-Street-House Christian-Street-House Christian-Street-House Christian-Street-House Christian-Street-House Christian-Street-House Christian-Street-House Christian-Street-House Christian-Street-House Christian-Street-House Christian-Street-House Christian-Street-House-12-1150x1525 Christian-Street-House-13-1150x1535 Christian-Street-House-14-1150x749 Christian-Street-House-15-1150x1535 Christian-Street-House-16-1150x1535 Christian-Street-House-17-1150x1534 Christian-Street-House-18-1150x524

Christian Street House by James Russell Architect:
“We are fortunate to live with a benign subtropical climate. Christian Street House in Clayfield, an inner north suburb of Brisbane, sits on the east side of a rolling hill, opening its face to the morning sun and bay breezes. It’s back is buried in the hill, protected from the harsh summer sun, storms and winter westerlies.
High gables make a patio to street, a covered arrival and gathering place with barn doors to living behind. Cars participate without becoming a barrier between street and life within.
There are many ways to move around this place. Journey from street can take you across patio, down outdoor stairs and around garden to meals, living and water. The boys can sneek in from street via a grungy service lane, they can come and go independently. Their rooms have a more public side to garden and gathering. Retreat for Kate and David is more like attic, accessed across patio or up a secret stair.
The ground plane steps from cave spaces bunkered in to the hill, hidden spaces for bathing and sleep, down to garden and meals, then further down to lounge, the morning sun and prospect.
Christian Street House is made from brick, timber and concrete. Timber is prescribed in the local council code. It references timber and tin architecture that pervades most areas of the inner suburbs, but not Clayfield. We use timber for the loftier structure that opens to the street, our verandah and barn. Inviting familiar structure with a shorter life than the masonry ruin.
Timber sits on a heavy concrete and brick base making cave spaces that are cut in to the ground towards the rear of the site. Masonry is used to hold back earth, make a quiet space for retreat and sleep, but opens directly onto garden. Brick and concrete makes these spaces, a structure resilient to termites and requiring minimal maintenance.”

In few words, a simple and, in the same time, a modern house, which could give the whole feeling of comfort to a family, a young couple or to a free spirit.

Good job James Russell!

Creative rooms for teenagers

I have only 18 years old and I love everything that refers to art. When it comes to design my own room, I spend hours and hours looking for inspiration, because I want everything to look arty and perfect if possible.

If you are a teenager, you love art, or you just want your room to look as funky as possible I would like to show you some cool ideas.

black-and-yellow-design-600x337 black-and-yellow-home-600x342

The first room from Pavel Vetrov uses contrasting colors to bring an exciting energy to the bedroom. The combination of black and bright yellow looks so, so nonconformist

book-storage-600x346 colorful-bedroom-design-600x600 concrete-wall-treatment-600x357 creative-wall-art-600x401

This one reminds you of London Eye.



The space, from Svitlana Petelko is a more typical bedroom, with a soft sided bed taking up much of the area, a perfect room to spend a relaxing day in front of the TV.

playful-kids-room-600x450  teal-beanbags-600x600

This one is colorful and perfect for a nature lover.



Also good for a relaxing day or even for doing homework.