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How To Make Your Bedroom Feel More Romantic

-Soft colors are the best for bedrooms – beige, gray, eggshell, blush are great colors for bedrooms. They definitely make you feel more relaxed;

-Romantic bedrooms don’t usually have zebra striped or bright colored comforter sets. Bedding should be soft and neutral and relaxing;

-Add some romantic items like a chandelier or pictures with your love;

-Use candles to create ambian15-black-and-white-bedroom-ideas-9 18-delightful-amp-romantic-bedroom-design-elsafana-by-suprin-with-regard-to-romantic-bedroom-decorating-ideas-for-your-home awesome-romantic-bedroom-ideas-scenery-bedroom-interior-by-suprin-with-romantic-bedroom-decorating-ideas-for-your-home Elegant-Traditional-Romantic-Bedroom-Ideas Feminine-Bedroom-Ideas-4 luxury-traditional-master-bedrooms-awesome-decoration-10-on-bedroom-simple-home-design ??????????????????????????????? red-romantic-bedroom romantic-bedrooms sweet-romantic-bedroom-ideasce;

5 Tips For Small Living Rooms

Do you feel ashamed for having a small living room? Do you think that you don’t have space for anything? DON’T!!! I am here to help you with 5 tips for your small living room, to make you feel comfortable just by looking at it.

The Living room is one of the most important rooms in the house, and the place where we receive guests, have dinner and rest.

1.Use all the lights, especially natural lights, choose curtains that are clear, white, translucent or a natural tone;

2.Try to keep a monochromatic decor with subtle variations of a color(like blue,green,yellow);

3.Decorate with mirror or glass,because it amplifies the light;

4.Use the wall spaces and under the sofa for books and other objects;

5. Opt formobile “smart” like soft beds and beds with drawers underneath

AnaAntunes - Aug-02-2014 - IMG_2515 beach-style contemporary-living-room IMG_0181_2_3-28 IMG_7054