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The multi-functional cube by Till Konneker

The-Living-Cube-by-Till-Konneker The-Living-Cube-by-Till-Konneker-1 The-Living-Cube-by-Till-Konneker-2 The-Living-Cube-by-Till-Konneker-3 The-Living-Cube-by-Till-Konneker-4 The-Living-Cube-by-Till-Konneker-6 The-Living-Cube-by-Till-Konneker-8

If you have a small apartment or room and you don’t know how to arrange your furniture or store your things, you could take that multi-functional cube in consideration, designed by Till Konneker. The story began when Till Konneker of Ill Design┬ámoved into his apartment studio and found that not have enough space so he imagined this useful concept: The Compact Living Cube. It combine furniture and storage to save space in his┬áhouse, increasing the functionality of a small room and I think is very helpful for students which rent studio apartments when they came to study in other town.

Build our multi-functional cube( urban cube or mini cube) or choose to build a living wall in the same way adapted to our time for a more comfotable feeling:


Black and grey are the shades prevailing in that concept inspiring sobriety, good organization of things which have different colors, like books, documents, personal computer or TV. Till Konneker wants to create a practice and elegant urban concept adapted our times and skip any unnecessary elements for feel comfortable in you small house.

– photos by Rob Lewis