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10 Crazy Ideas For Your Home

When it comes to do crazy things in terms of art I am the first who take a stand. Are you afraid of making something crazy? Please don’t! Do whatever makes you happy with your body, mind, soul and why not – home. Here are 10 crazy ideas for your home design:

1.Aquarium Bed- makes you feel like you’re living in the ocean;aquarium bed2aquarium bed

2. Indoor-Outdoor Pool;

indoor poolIndoor-Swimming-Pool-Design

3.Spiral Staircase Slide- your children can play in the house every time they want;

staircase staircase2

4. Hammock Bed- always a good idea for those who love simplicity;

hammock2 hammock

5. Backyard Cinema- you can watch your favorite movie in your backyard. How cool is this?;

cinema cinebox

6. See-through Bathtub- such a beautiful illusion;

bathtube bathtube2

7. Tree-house in the kid’s room- the dream of every single child;

kids room kids room2

8. Balcony Pool;

balcony pool Balcony-Pool

9. Patterned wallpaper;

patternwallp pattern

10. Frames without art inside.


Which crazy idea would you like for your house?


How to achieve a bohemian style for your home

Unique-Design-of-the-Bohemian-Home-Style-with-wooden-roof bohemian-style-home bohemian-interior-design-for-enchanting-living-room-in-the-attic-with-bohemian-interior-in-house-landscaping tumblr_m3pcbolHbW1qijt4no1_500 ms tungstens beautiful bohemian home eclectic sitting room Bohemian-Home-Design-1200x800 Bohemian-home-decor-ideas jhbggbideas-home-interior-design-bohemian-style-b interior-bohemian-interior-design-for-fantastic-home-decor-bohemian-chic-decor-pinterest-decoration-photo-bohemian-decor bohemian-home-decor-Family-Room-Farmhouse-with-bright-colors-decorative-pillows bohemian-home-decor-Family-Room-Farmhouse-with-bright-colors-built-in-bookshelves glamorous-bohemian-room-decor-ideas bohemian6 bohemian-cabin-4

The definition of a bohemian style sounds like this: ‘In modern usage, the term “Bohemian” is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives.’ So, if you love flowers, bright colors, you like your mattresses low, and your canopies high you should adopt a bohemian style for your home.
I am here to help you how to achieve this style. I promise this is not as difficult as it seems to be. First of all, for a bohemian style you should:
-Mix as many patterns as you like;
-Use some colorful pillows to make you feel more relaxed;
– Pay special attention to the walls;
-Choose the perfect bed (it will be your sanctuary);
-Include a rustic headboard in the décor;
-Use an old window as a frame;
-Pick a rug with a bold pattern;

Keep in mind that bohemian style is for people who think outside the box so if it doesn’t make you feel comfortable you shouldn’t adopt this style. I recommend looking deep down in your heart and choose the things that make you feel comfortable, because you are the one who is going to live in a bohemian house.