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Bedrooms For The Weekend

Sometimes, I just want to stay in bed all day and what do you want the most in this kind of days? A relaxing bedroom where you can clean your mind,meditate and so yoga (I recommend it).

For me, there are some specific kind of bedroom that fit in this description. 

The first one is The Minimalist Bedroom : all white, the branch and metal lantern are the only decor element.

images (1) images minimalist-bedroom-decorating-ideas ordinary-arrangement-for-inspiring-minimalist-style-modern-homes-interior OUTDOORLOFT_hqroom_ru_5

The second one is The lofty industrial bedroom : industrial windows and ceiling, and you can apply some of the DIYs I spoke about in a previous post.

house-tours-dual-level-bedroom-mezzanine-office-wonderful-casual-loft-style-living-to-consider-3273 Loft-interior-design Loft-living-room

The last one is The ethnic-chic bedroom : protected in its niche from the outside world.  *you can check a previous post about bohemian style too*

1boho-610x400 download images victorian-bedroom