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Dream House Or Movie House?

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Have you ever watched a movie with no luxurious apartments or houses? Is there anyone in this world who can say “I’ve never seen a beautiful house in a movie’?
I think I know the question. HMM… NOO!?
I also know for sure that a dream house is actually a movie house (that house with the best design in the world which we see in the movies, with a big pool in the garden, with a design that reminds us of a castel)

Here are some architects that can make everything in your house look like those in the movies:

David Collins
David Chipperfield
Duggan Morris
Wells Mackereth

My favorite movie houses are those with big windows from which you can see the forest, those with big gardens surrounded by plants. The house from Twilight is one that I can take as a mark.



Which is yours?


House in Yatsugatake: Prepared to see the view?

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In our modern life, most of us are trying to escape from busy, crowded city and go after their work schedule to a quiet and cozy place. Kidosaki Architects Studio has found the solution of having a house a wonderful place. The house was designed on a piece of land that offers spectacular views that are rarely known, being located on a sloping mountain ridge at the foot of the Yatsugatake Mountains.

Using wisely the location, house becomes an incredibly piece of modern art in building house. The house has slim, amazing appearance. Full of wide windows, the natural light could last longer and give you a guarantee for your health, as well. The rooms seems to be very airy, being enough space for a family. It is obviously that the designer save a lot of space by transforming the house`s hall in a dressing, full of shelves.

Also, very interesting is the way in which you could see the view of a wonderful landscape from the all four sides of house: from kitchen, bedroom and ,why not, from the bathroom. Living ,dining, kitchen area, the majestic panoramic view extends on all three sides is something you can’t find anywhere else, but here in this space. And the scenery is all to your own. The designer demonstrates that a house could be designed in good way to fit everywhere you think. `The feeling is so intense that it is almost as if you are living on a cloud.`, said a visitor of the house.

Congrats for this step in houses design!