Top 7 Home Architecture Designs

1.Modern Single-Story Cubical House With a Metal Facade in Cologne design-Haus-Neufert exterior-Haus-Neufert Haus-Neufert-5 Haus-Neufert-6 Haus-Neufert-7 Haus-Neufert-8 interior-Haus-Neufert-1 plans-Haus-Neufert-2

Clustered in the middle of a beautiful natural resort , the design of the modern dwelling manages to paradoxically adapt to the green breadth .

The aim of the architects of the following single-story cubical house in Bologne , Germany , by Gatterman , Schossig , was to ensure a splendid indoor-outdoor connection and blaze a self contained apartment . By inserting a consistent metal façade , the architects attained a discreet contrast to the contrarily chromatic X1 mansion , a valuable legacy residence that was built by Peter Neufert on the property back in 1959 . The current abode offers two high rooms , each with vast panorama of the neighboring park close-by.

The plenitude of the transparent surfaces of the house permit the inhabitants to admire the charm of the surrounding nature . Moreover , the amplitude of the rooms allow the sunlight to invade the spaciousness of the interior , creating the perfect environment for creativity and both freedom , all from the confort of the home. Plus , the wide windows allow the inmates to plainly admire the cycles of the nature.

Concrete kernel cooling , air , water , controlled living ventilation and heat pump all contribute to a reduced energy consumption . What else could you possibly want to add to this architectural design ? Your opinion matters so .

 2.Lakeside Log Cabin In The Woods log-home-residence-22 log-home-residence-31 log-home-residence-41 log-home-residence-61 log-home-residence-71 log-home-residence-81


Becoming more and more concerned about the pragmatic aspects of our lives,most of us have inclined in the favour of the cities or towns and started to forget what an escape can the nature offer us. Therefore a crib in the woods is no longer an option. People frequently choose to settle in modern wood and glass homes, which are a worthier alternative. This 2.000 sq feet single family detached home, a finalist project of the 2011 Georgie Awards, will probably make you reconsider your options and perhaps it will even make you feel like returning in the middle of the nature. Being an excellent example of a rustic home, it has a very low carbon footprint. What is more, the whole material for this construction is entirely natural. So it is a house in the woods made from woods!

As a welcoming sign,the massive wooden deck lays powerfully in front of the cabin. To empower the exterior even more, the wooden surfaces merge with hard stone into the foundation and indoors,in the fireplace as well. The pine blocks from inside the house give the design an original touch. The colour of the wood instate the ambience with warmth and  hospitality. Edged angles enrich the simpleness of the bedroom design, a rustic and yet present-day kitchen and a wide living room confer the establishment a nature-like appearance. And as if it was not enough, the house is surrounded by a splendid lake,just to make the view perfect. So, what would you choose, a penthouse or a rustic cabin?

3.Halffloors by Pedro Brito Halffloors-03-850x596 Halffloors-08-850x566 Halffloors-10-850x566 Halffloors-11-850x539 Halffloors-12-850x565 Halffloors-14-850x565 Halffloors-15-850x566 Halffloors-22-850x1275

This establishment is defined by minimalism characteristics only, being a perfect definition of “less is more”. Even though it may appear to be impersonal at first, the artlessness of both exterior and interior offer the inhabitants the prospect of asserting their own selves, the neutral design promising to permit them to “put on the dog”.

The minimal architecture distinguishes itself by the existence of perpendicular planes that confer a three dimensional impression to the space, from an arranagement volume of pristine shapes,significantly simpler and polished.

The house consists in three exterior accessfull areas, two car garage with car lift, one dining room, three bedrooms and  one large living room, each of them purposeful. The universal lines of the crib are mainly organized in a vertical and hierarchical order. To procure brilliant visual magnitude and forceful linkages amid surfaces, the interior was designed in half-floors.The breadth of the house is in fact the stair, which transformed itself in the heart of the entire place, connecting each level.

The general shading of the building is pregnantly light, the white colour monopolizing the whole place. The omnipresence of it acquires unity to the interior, and yet it needs some pinches of life in it,meaning the combination of red and black. Apparently in contrast with the predominant tone – white – the touches of red and black only complement the general ambient.

Looks as it has been taken from the future, don’t you think?

4.In Vogue Coziness at the Temozon House in Yucatan,Mexico

Contemporary-Comfort-At-The-Temozón-House-in-Yucatan-Mexico-1 Contemporary-Comfort-At-The-Temozón-House-in-Yucatan-Mexico-3 Contemporary-Comfort-At-The-Temozón-House-in-Yucatan-Mexico-4 Contemporary-Comfort-At-The-Temozón-House-in-Yucatan-Mexico-6 Contemporary-Comfort-At-The-Temozón-House-in-Yucatan-Mexico-7 Contemporary-Comfort-At-The-Temozón-House-in-Yucatan-Mexico-8 Contemporary-Comfort-At-The-Temozón-House-in-Yucatan-Mexico-19

Conceived by Carrillo Arquitectos y Asociados, the Temozón House was assembled in 2013, in Yucatan, Mexico. Proclaiming a
specific state-of-the-art design that underlines solid edges and angular shapes, the Temozón House thrills with a cosmopolitan
allure yet welcoming aspect that is eclipsed in grandeur only by its own sumptious room distributions organized between its
In consideration of guaranteeing an obvious contact between the interior and the exterior, the establishment was designed
utilizing an L-shaped scheme that partly surrounds one of the inside gardens. By enclosing the pool to the garden, the
design attempts to deliver numerous recreation alternatives, offering its inhabitans the desired ambience for detaching
from the everyday worries.
As regards the indoor field, we can remark the warmth of the appearance that makes every visitor feel like home. Abundant
comfort and delighting decor features complement the cozy ambience. The tender shades of the chambers blend in perfect with
the minimalistic elements of the design, succeed in granting the general atmosphere a touch of hospitality.Cozy seating
adjustments,thrilling lighting arrangements,vast dining tables come altogether to enrich the climate of wellness and serenity
that expands across all 12,500 square feet of current field.


5.Portable Home ÁPH80 by ÁBATON

Top 10 Architecture Designs _MG_2307 _MG_2388_5 _MG_2545 _MG_2745 _MG_2786 _MG_2822 copy _MG_2923

Designed by Spanish architects from ÁBATON, this portable establishment is for those with wanderlust. Contrasting with its owner’s restlessness,this austere
crib is a veritable chameleon. From the outside it seems to be frugal and rigid, but its interior bring to light a more than warm appearance. Generous wooden
surfaces and large opening concur to make the chippy crib a gracious one,transforming it greatly. Feasible and transportable, manages to incorporate any environment.
Being an upgraded version of a landyacht,ÁPH80 is part of a series that addresses those who seek for comfort anywhere. Easily commutative by road and ready to be
placed wherever, this mobile dwelling is ideal for a couple that enjoys travelling.
Elementary and yet sturdy, this innovative composition gracefully provides confort and balance to its inhabitants.ÁPH80 personifies the ethics and essences of
ÁBATON: wellbeing, environmental balance, and simplicity.’ Freshest ideas embodied in this splendid design would lure any wandering soul. Don’t know about yourself,
but this lovely home has definitely made its way to my wishlist.

6.Lightbox House by Edwards Moore

NicNic001 NicNic015 NicNic027 NicNic039 NicNic044 NicNic072

The midget single-storey terrace house, dwarfed by the surroundings makes a splash in the encompassing borderlands. Aiming to exploit the modest space, the designer of
the Lightbox successfully harnessed the scope. To sweeten the atmosphere, wide windows have been introduced in order to let the sunbeam accompany the ambience of the
dwelling. The desire to enhance the quality of the living spaces within contributes to increasing the hospitality of the crib.
The second floor should only be seen as a horizontal plane within the home, but as a vertical space, having considered the feeling of unity that its existence contributes
to creating the impression of spaciousness. The see-through skin boasts the medium with natural light and the strategically installed openings provide an inner landscape.
The fully-white painted walls empower the effect of wideness, inducing a flavor of tastefullness and roominess. The minimalistic features and wood inserts construct
a breezy ambience and offer the inhabitants an ample arena for expansion. Cozy for a compact home,isn’t it?

7.Villa Mecklin by Huttunen Lipasti Pakkanen Architects

Bedroom design ideas EDESTA_Marko_Huttunen Interior Kitchen Side_facade_with_Mika Terrace_with_kids View_from_terrace View_from_the_entrance

The place where Villa Mecklin lounges stands for serene atmosphere amidst the tree cluster and its welcoming stone terrace.
Created by the Helsinki-based team Risto Huttunen,Santeri Lipasti and Pekka Pakkanen, this home design is perfectly suitable for
a summer escape. Mainly self-built, this lodge is situated near the northern cape of Mustaluoto Island, where on its earstern
side lays off a splendid boat marina.
When coming from the harbour to the entry of the main building, you get surprised by the omnipresence of the trees. After sight-seeing
the surroundings, you get to be dazzled by the breathtaking horizon witnessed from the wide terrace, accessed via a hatch
in the decking. To have an ever more spectacular outline, a fireplace has been drilled in the centre of the terrace.
When the hatch is not in place and the fire is not lit, the generous terrace can also be used as a dancing floor.
The interior comes to complement the natural feeling from the outside, being predominantly wooden,just to remind the inhabitants
that they are in the core of mother nature. Furthermore, a stove-heated cabin for guests comes in connection with the
shoreling sauna. If you were to seek for a perfect cabin, wouldn’t you choose this one ?

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