TOP 7 Majestic Kitchen Design Ideas

 You want to move in a new house and you do not have any idea about the interior design? The kitchen is a space where you spend a lot of time with your family and it should be a pleasant place for all of you.Their successful design is an imperative part of a working interior. It really can be the small, simple details – tailored to the way that you cook and use the space – that make it a joy to use.  For helping you, we have prepared a top 7 kitchen design ideas.



Don’t worry if you don’t have a big kitchen. Even tiny kitchens can have serious style. If you have a small family you can try a table for two. A pair of 19th-century English chairs and a small table fit perfectly into the corner of a tiny kitchen.

You should not waste the space. There is a space between fixed shelves that is always wasted.  A solution for this wasted space is to add risers that fit on the shelf to create two levels in the cabinet.  The space under unused bar areas can be saved by getting shelving that fit under the counter.  You can also utilize the space behind the staircase. There you can build some cabinets, like thecelebrity hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai.

A small space can seem bigger if you utilize bright colors.It is a generally known fact that light colors make a room look bigger and brighter. Light and bright walls are more reflective, making a space feels open and airy, which helps maximize the effect created by natural light. Dark colors, on the other hand, tend to absorb light, making a room look smaller. Open it with white or select soft tones of blue and green, and always remember that brighter rooms look bigger and more inviting!





This kind of kitchen features traditional pine units. It is pretty pastel colored, with blue, light-green or pink and decorated with flower-printed curtains.

For decor you can also use old painted plates, maybe from your grandmother, big wooden spoons and forks hanging on the wall, fruit bowls or an old tea set placed on the table. To match with the curtains, the faience should have a floral pattern.

You can build a wooden shelf where you can store your spices in some small jars with labels on which you write the name of each spice. This clever storage idea will look good in your country kitchen and will keep your favorite spices organized, properly stored, and close at hand.

For decor and for storage in the same time you have to try some plate racks where you can store some special old plates.

To hide the  “new”  items in your kitchen, and to keep it romantic and vintage you should try to cover your dishwasher or your stove. Get faux tin panels from every home and garden shop and pick up the double-sided adhesive tape that is sold with the product to fancy-up your appliances!  The interior designer Louise Jones designed such a traditional kitchen and it was made by The Olive Branch Kitchens in West Yorkshire. The simplicity of these units is offset by floral tiles, plates and curtains.

If you will decorate your kitchen like that, you will think that you are living in a jewel-box.

This is a romantic kitchen for the nostalgic ones.










As we have already shown, the bright colors, like white, make the space look bigger. For an original touch, you can try colorful chandeliers which will make your kitchen look more hospitable. The splashback in the kitchen looks better if it is papered with a collage of vibrant food photographs. A kitchen is about food, isn’t it?And this wall of collage is a fun and appetizing focal point.Designer Amanda Hornby explains, “I bought four Ottolenghi cookbooks, cut them up, pasted them on and then applied varnish over the top. It was about having fun and not being too serious.” If all the rest of your kitchen is white you can play with the colors and with the materials as you wish. Choose white wooden cabinets and plate racks and silver appliances, then you can start to play with colors. You can decorate it with colorful flowers in a vibrant vase and you can choose any kind of accessories to make the kitchen a pleasant place for you and your dear ones.

The window frame must be white!  You can try a French style window which will surely match the rest of your kitchen.







If you want an elegant kitchen, try brown wooden cabinets, made up from massive wood and decorated with golden accessories. The oak natural color is very elegant, so you should try it. The surface of the cabinets can be covered with gray granite. If you try black colored appliances your kitchen will look more elegant. For a vintage touch, try to decorate it with an old clock, a small old box or suitcase where you can store anything (so it is also a way to not waste the space), an old picture or painting, or anything you think is old and makes your kitchen look better. Restore an old bookshelf and transform it into a jar rack. It will look interesting, will nicely decorate your kitchen and you will save money! In the image, the bookcases in this restored Georgian house were made by cabinet maker Nigel Hall, who also installed this bespoke lower-ground-floor kitchen featuring oak units. The vertical tongue and groove wall paneling painted white brightens the room and gives the space height.




Spice your kitchen with paprika. Use it on the wall! Use a sophisticated kitchen color scheme, along with accents of warm red and brown, textural fabrics and rustic accoutrements. Combine the industrial-looking steel with wooden spoons and forks hanging on the wall and a checkered curtain attached to the cabinet for a rustic touch and elegant black plates.  The curtain will also help you to show (or to hide) kitchen accessories, as you wish. Kitchen cabinets don’t have to be uniform. A bold red cupboard here adds an extra design element to this sleek monochrome scheme. Scattered matching accessories ensure the contrast is not too stark.  Use black, white and red all over, play with these three colors and make the kitchen your favorite place in the entire house. All your friends and family will love your spicy kitchen.






Create a modern tailored interior! Play with the contrasts between white cabinets, a brown wooden table, white and light blue chairs, decorated with flower-printed pillows, a little bit of black and many colorful accessories. The colorful light bulbs make your kitchen a pleasant hospitable place; the red curtains look very elegant in contrast with the black door; the black and white cabinets give a classic touch to your kitchen and the vintage chairs surrounding the wooden table look so romantic. A kitchen for everyone!

The details should not be overlooked! The fruit bowl on the table and the picture on the wall remember you that the kitchen is about food, above of all. The kitchen is entirely bespoke, and much of it is concealed behind a wall of built-in storage, so the space will not be a problem. Every little void has built-in cupboards.

The windows in the ceiling let the light enter in the kitchen and their black color contrasts perfectly with the white paint on the walls.

This kitchen was created by the interior designer Harriet Anstruther for a woman with a very busy working life Caroline O’Donnell.






Cheer up yourself with these vibrant colors! When it comes to color, we tend to go overboard really fast and easy. It’s a tricky subject and requires a formed eye in order to obtain the harmonious combination we long for. When it comes to the kitchen design schemes, the things are more flexible. Destined to be a cheerful place that gathers every day all the family around it, the kitchen can be decorated with bright greens, blood reds or anything else.  You can’t be wrong if you paint your walls in white, choose white cabinets and a white table. Then, you add a colorful carpet, four different colored chairs and many colorful accessories. The flowers will make your kitchen look “alive”.

This is the perfect kitchen especially for a house full of children. The kitchen will become their favorite place in the house.


Now, after you have read our article, choose the design that matches your lifestyle or that one that you like the most. Then, ask your family for an advice and take into account their preferences. After you have done all that things, transform together your house into a real home.

TOP 7 Majestic Kitchen Design Ideas2

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