Top Best 4 Bathroom Design Ideas

1.Exotic Massive Rock Bathtub


If  you are seeking for an exotic touch in your bathroom,this very design from Stone Forest is the most appropriate item that will solve your dilemma. This bathtub has a natural allure and confers to any ambience an elegenant feel,despite the rough material – stone. The earthy colous will definitely blend in with any interior, complementing the atmosphere. What is more, these bathtubs are one of a kind and only few are made, this making you feel even more special. A wide variety of materials is on-offer, such as granite and marble. The Stone Forest use a special technique to carve the rocks prior to achieving a certain anatomy. Your rustic bathroom is missing this wonderful piece that will augument the charm of your purging area, aren’t we right?

2.Assymmetrical Tub Reflecting the “Bath as Art” Trend Juliet by Audrey Newsome

Juliet-Tub-Design Project-Juliet-Tub-3

3.Breathtaking Bathroom Designs in Sofia,Bulgaria

Stunning-Bathroom-Designs-by-Gemelli-Design-1 Stunning-Bathroom-Designs-by-Gemelli-Design-3 Stunning-Bathroom-Designs-by-Gemelli-Design-5 Stunning-Bathroom-Designs-by-Gemelli-Design-8 Stunning-Bathroom-Designs-by-Gemelli-Design-9 Stunning-Bathroom-Designs-by-Gemelli-Design-10

The twin Bulgarian designers, Desislava Ivanova and Branimira Ivanova from Brani & Desi , a studio located in Bulgaria’s capital,
Sofia, have not recanted in creating another startling design. All their former performances proved to be stunning,
and the following designs respect the algorithm.
The first configuration, “An Oasis in a Sandstorm” bathroom combines the yellow and purple and merges the lavatory with the bedroom.
This daring prototype frames a statuary modern bedroom divided by an evenly fabulous restroom by a glass surface and a fireplace.
For a smooth shift between the two rooms, the
inventors prefered to utilize glass instead of an opaque material. Furthermore, they have also chosen to carry an identical
geometric range of shapes in both arrangements. The contrasting pigments of each space also concur to assure the mild progression between the spaces.
The second design,” H20 in Geometry” aims to call attention to the vital bond between the human being and the essential element-water. The scope is
scattered in two areas established at different levels and linked by the stairs. The two sectors feature dissimilar functionalities, but conjunctively
they form one wholly picturesque space, and the blue colour has its crucial role. If I were to choose a design for my bathroom, this one would definitely do!
What is your opinion about this astonishing concept?

4.Nirvana Bathtub

bathroomtomorrow-bathtub-nirvana-2 bathroomtomorrow-bathtub-nirvana-1

This more-than-modern bathtub design was inspired by the intention of reproducing the nightsky into the small “universe” of your restroom. This very model is one of the winners of The Red Dot Award 2009.
The following design was conceived by Bathroom Tomorrow, a Thai company from Bangkok. The “Nirvana” Bathtub succeeds in merging the state-of-the-art technology only to offer you a memorable bathing experience.
Because of its bizzare shape, this bathtub only uses 40 % of the water that an average bathtub does, aspect that makes it sustainable too. LEDs all over the surface establish the wonderful effect from the pictures.
An i-Touch system controlls the lights that the company promotes. What else could be said about this allurign bathtub ?! Care to comment?

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